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RASCORegional Air Services Co-Ordination (Department for Transportation; UK)
RASCORemote Air Sampling for Canine Olfaction (drug detection technology; trademark of Chilport (UK) Limited)
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Subsequently, we compared the proposed method with other state-of-the-art algorithms into the KEEL tool [39] such as self-training (C45) [7], self-training (SMO) [40], self-training (NN) [32], SETRED [13], cotraining (C45) [14], cotraining (SMO) [41], democratic-co [27], tri-training (C45) [41], tri-training (SMO) [25], tri-training (NN) [41], DE-tri-training (C45), DE-tri-training (SMO) [42], Co-Forest [6], Rasco (C45) [23], CLCC [29], APSSC [30], SNNRCE [31], Rel-Rasco (NB) [24], ADE-Co-Forest [43], cobagging (C45) [22], and cobagging (SMO) [44].
Dr Rasco who successfully collaborated on 200 published scientific papers on Food Science, will lead the Training and Training of Trainers Programme on Food Safety Modernisation Act of USA starting tomorrow 11 June at the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.
Cohu, through its subsidiaries Delta Design and Rasco, supplies test handling, burn-in, thermal subsystems and MEMS test solutions used by the global semiconductor industry.
RASCO, the advertising subsidiary of Cablevision's Rainbow Media Holdings LLC, occupies the entire sixth floor of 30,578 s/f, and the entire 17th floor as well as some partial basement space at the property.
Miranda Garcia, Victoria Garcia, Maria Gonzalez, Rebecca Hubert, Kristina Jacomino, Julia Longoria, lsabelle Martinez, Victoria Moreno, Katerina Ona, Elizabeth Rasco, Natalie San Juan, and Kelly Scott.
But Carol Rasco, the president of RIF, best captured my thoughts, calling it "a book about the ability of children's literature to change lives and open hearts.
Carlos Alberto Montaner and Jose Ignacio Rasco present this new book by Uva de Aragon.
Weston) Rasco, 93, formerly of 49 Pleasant Valley Dr.
Barbara Rasco, Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, Washington State University, FSHN 106, P.
A first-phase complex consisting of three units went on stream in April 1987 (more than six months behind schedule, with NOC's subsidiary Rasco then facing problems which ranged from poor performance by some contractors to delays in Libyan funding).
Un hidrolizado proteico esta formado por peptidos de diferentes tamanos originados de la hidrolisis de proteinas, catalizada por agentes quimicos o por enzimas (Kristinsson y Rasco, 2000a).