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RASMRevenue per Available Seat Mile
RASMReliability, Availability, Scalability and Manageability (Red Hat, Inc.)
RASMRat Aortic Smooth Muscle Cell
RASMRegional Aviation Sustainment Manager (US Army aviation)
RASMRoyal Artillery Sergeant Major
RASMRear Admiral Submarines (UK)
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In the same countryside, the army units continued operations against ISIS sites and hideouts in the villages of Rasm al-Abd, Rasm al-Kama, Huweijineh, Sharbae, Qseir al-Ward, Ein al-Beida, Rasm al-Alam, Jib al-Safa, Shweilikh and Tal Ayoub.
Southwest Airlines reported a RASM increase of 22% in March, improving on the previous month's 17% increase.
Rasm, who has worked well since, will be suited by this step up to a mile and a half.
CAL's stand-alone credit profile has improved over the last few months as consistent signs of strengthening high-fare business travel demand have driven a turnaround in RASM performance.
5 percent compared to May 2008, while mainline passenger RASM is estimated to have decreased between 19.
0% and mainline passenger RASM is estimated to have risen between 10.
5% drop in fourth-quarter RASM and a loss for the period.
This suggests that no meaningful snap-back in yields has taken place during the quarter, though some sequential improvement in RASM comparisons throughout the quarter likely was achieved.
The governor inspected the living and service situation in Ain Assan, Rasm Bakro, Rasm al-Khanat, Rasm al-Jdeideh and Azzan villages and reviewed the volume of destruction caused by the armed terrorist groups to the infrastructure and the private and public properties.
US Airways said February consolidated passenger RASM fell 9%-11% year-over-year, although total RASM dropped just 5%-7% thanks to a la carte revenue initiatives.
Continental Airlines, the highest earning US carrier in the 2006 third quarter with $237 million in net income, said it expects to report a "modest loss" for the fourth quarter, adding that consolidated RASM likely will increase 4.
Mainline RASM fell by 17% in the second quarter, with an 18% decline in mainline passenger yields accounting for all of the RASM drop.