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RASMRevenue per Available Seat Mile
RASMReliability, Availability, Scalability and Manageability (Red Hat, Inc.)
RASMRat Aortic Smooth Muscle Cell
RASMRegional Aviation Sustainment Manager (US Army aviation)
RASMRoyal Artillery Sergeant Major
RASMRear Admiral Submarines (UK)
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Military sources confirmed on Friday that the army freed the villages of Rasm Maz'hi, Jubb al-Heb, Rajm Ja'arah, Makhlaf Shamali, Ein al-Zarqh, al-Shamtaniyah, Shiheh al-Hamrah, al-Mantar and al-Mositabiyeh after heavy fighting against ISIL.
Dar al Atta'a participated with two projects - a large charitable fund to renovate homes of families registered in the association's care programme which won the Big Give competition and a project based on funding a student care programme created and applied by Khair Basma le Rasm Basma.
Southwest Airlines reported a RASM increase of 22% in March, improving on the previous month's 17% increase.
Rasm, who has worked well since, will be suited by this step up to a mile and a half.
Clapp has been very active in RASM activities dating back to 2006 and received the association's Meritorious Service Award in 2010.
The combined CAL-United route network offers clear opportunities for the post-merger carrier to deliver a sustainable RASM premium to the industry.
Meanwhile, units of the army, in cooperation with the allied forces, established control over the villages and towns of al-Rashdya, Zamlah Asharqiya, Zamlah al-gharbiyah, Hawara, Rasm al-Sheikh and Tal Sabeha in Aleppo southern countryside.
For the first quarter of 2016, RASM is expected to decrease between seven and eight percent year over year.
US Airways Group said June consolidated passenger RASM declined approximately 20 percent year-over-year, with total RASM falling around 18 percent.
American Airlines said it expects fourth-quarter mainline RASM to increase 3.
Throughout 2010, United's yield and RASM growth has consistently led the industry, with solid international market performance driving much of United's year-over-year unit revenue recovery from recessionary levels in 2009.
SANA reporter in Hama said the army re-established control over the villages of Rasm al-Ahmar, Rasm al-Sawi, Rasm al-Sawan, Msheirfet Adwan and Msheirfet Muweilih to the north and northwest of al-Sheikh Hilal town.