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RASORadiological Affairs Support Office (US Navy)
RASORemote Astronomical Society Observatory (New Mexico)
RASORadio Allocations Study Organization
RASORCIO Advocacy Support Office
RASORear Airfield Supply Organization
RASORegional Administrative Services Officer (Department of Labor OASAM)
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6) Os resultados foram publicados em Raso, Mello, de Deus e Jesus (2007), Raso e Ulisses (2008) e Raso e Mello (no prelo).
In his deposition, Johnson said he is now a lecturer for Berkeley College in New York City, Raso said.
Si igitur epistulas, si volumina Ieronimi, si hanc eandem quam producunt in testem, seu cuius autoritate damnatos poetas volunt, studiose legissent, invenissent profecto verbum hoc a Ieronimo declaratum, et cius sensum apppositum, atque obiectionem, quam faciunt, esse solutam, et potissime ex figure mulieris captive, raso capite, deposita veste, resectis unguibus et pilis ablatis, Israelite matrimonia copulande.
Bender's second chapter defines the poetic form through which the story is shaped, the raso or ras--that of the present case consisting of 536 stanzas, interpreted according to twenty-nine "manners," each such recitation terminating in a refrain.
Kimberly Raso, an off-duty Cherry Hill police officer working as a mall security officer, responded to the call.
This was precisely the unpleasant scenario facing the First Circuit in Raso v.
From left to right: Paul Marden, vice president of sales, UnitedHealthcare Employer & Individual of New York; Rosanne Raso, RN, CNO, Lutheran Medical Center; Claudia Caine, hospital director/chief operating officer, Lutheran Medical Center; Tena Barnes-Carraher, co-founder, The DAISY Foundation; Nereida "Nelly" Silverio, RN, DAISY Award winner, Lutheran Medical Center (Photo: Brian Palmer).
The appointments include Michael Raso, Managing Director; Michael Luft, Senior Vice President; and Carmela Di Meo, Senior Vice President.
Italy: Damian Crowley (captain); Dilan Arsakulasuriya; Alessandro Bonora; Gayashan De Silva Munasinghe; Luis Di Giglio; Muthunama Fernando; Warnakulasuriya Fernando; Fida Hussain; Dinidu Marage; Andrew Northcote; Vincenzo Pennazza; Bentota Perera; Michael Raso and Carl Sandri.
Katherine Raso, director of Tactical Connection who runs the gift lounge, spills the beans on the stars who visited the gift lounge and what they loved.