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RASSRamon Allones Specially Selected (cigars)
RASSResource Allocation Selection System (US Army)
RASSRelief Association of Southern Sudan
RASSRadar Acoustic Sounding System
RASSReference and Adult Services Section (libraries; various locations)
RASSRhine Army Summer Show (UK and Germany)
RASSRapid Acquisition Shooting System (shooting bench from RCBS)
RASSRandom Access Storage System
RASSRapid Area Supply Support
RASSRadar di Acquisizione e Scoperta di Superfice
RASSRecords Automation for Special Services (Provisioning)
RASSRange Airspace Surveillance System
RASSRange Automated Scheduling System
RASSRapid Access Storage System
RASSReliability, Availability, Serviceability, Security
RASSROSAT All-Sky Survey
RASSRadio Acoustic Sounding System
RASSRichmond Agitation Sedation Scale
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While information on what fish to eat already exists from a number of sources, Seafish believes that RASS will enable commercial buyers to make informed choices that comply with their own internal policies or procedures for purchasing seafood; rather than having to adopt those of advisory organisations.
Des membres de groupes armes lies au Front (jihadiste) Al-Nosra ont traverse la frontiere turque avec trois chars pour entrer dans Rass al-Ain" jeudi, a indique un militant anti-regime, se faisant appeler Havidar, via Internet.
Hundreds of rebel fighters have converged at dawn and moved from Turkey to Rass Al-Ain, in the province of Hasakah, while the army sent reinforcements there, said the SOHR.
There were no significant differences between the groups regarding the time from discontinuation of propofol infusion to BIS >80 or RASS [greater than or equal to]-1.
The grant [Georgia's RASS Program] will allow for the provision of training, technical assistance and a media campaign to help educate stakeholders and alcohol retailers in Georgia about the purposes and need for RASS Workshops," stated Chuck Wade, President & CEO of The Council on Alcohol and Drugs.
The consultancy services projects to enlarge Sur power plant in the Al Sharqiyah region, 220kv (RO251,800)Eoe1/4ao additional works for the construction of scientific centre and museum in Rass Al Jinz in the niyabat of Rass Al Hadd in the wilayat of Sur (RO170,778); provision of legal consultancy services for build, own and operate (BOO) project for a new independent power and water desalination plant in the wilayat of Al Duqum.
According to the spokesperson for Federal-Mogul Corporation, Jennifer Rass, as reported in Business Line, the company is laying off people because of the current situation in the automotive industry and reduction in customer orders.
Middle East Franchising, Rass, Salmiya, Kuwait, Contact Wissam Nassar
of Auckland) reviews the basic science behind these systems first, then describes the working environment, which is atmosphere near the ground and sound in the atmosphere, and examines sound transmission and reception, SODAR systems and signal quality, SODA signal analysis, RASS systems, and applications in environmental and boundary layer research and measurements of wind power and loading, complex terrain and sound speed.
Judge Rass adjourned sentence for reports to be prepared on Davis, remanded him in custody and said he should be assessed for risk to the public.
The Big Buzz Award for the Best New Irish Rock Band/Act: Cuckoo Rass
At least six others were captured in the three days of heavy fire in the desert town of Rass, in which 14 security forces members were wounded, state-run television said.