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RASSERapid Archaeological Site Survey and Evaluation (University of St Andrews, United Kingdom)
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Por otra parte, mas alla de los efectos funcionales de habitar un area segregada, se generan efectos en terminos de cohesion social y ciudadania, como aceptacion y valoracion de la diversidad, imaginarios sociales y territoriales, etcetera (Wormald, Flores, Sabatini, Trebilcock & Rasse, 2013).
Alongside local businesses a number of famous footballers contributed to the raSSe prizes.
43) LENZ, Fritz: "Die nordische Rasse in der Blutmischung unserer ostlichen Nachbarn", Osteuropaische Zukunft, 2, (1917), 2, pp.
Rasse et al used 2-mm-thick PDLLA plates in repairing condylar neck fractures in sheep.
At the time that Erotik und Rasse was written, Bronnen was on the left, cooperating with Brecht and friendly with Friedrich Murnau.
Whereas the term Vollblut is as racist as the English 'full-blood' and requires at least a proper contextualisation for the target audience, the term Rasse is particularly problematic in German due to its use by, and association with, the National Socialist past when religious minorities, particularly Jewish people, were construed in racial terms and consequently persecuted according to racial criteria.
72) Fur alle Ubrigen genuge das mit Empfangnisverhutung verbundene Konkubinat oder der Gang zu Hure, wobei die Prostitution als ein Opfer zur Verbesserung der Rasse zu verstehen sei.
The dedication Fenice Catering will bring to the client's event will surpass all the competition," says Jennifer Rasse, one of the owners.
Schwarze Deutsche: Der Diskurs um Rasse und nationale Identitat 1890-1933.
en Etienne Balibar y Immanuel Wallerstein, Rasse, Klasse, Nation.
2 Schwerpunkt Zwangsarbeit in der Moderne: Plantagensklaverei-Barry Higman (Canberra); Gulag-Viktor Funk; NS-Zwangsarbeit--Pavel Poljan; Claus Fullberg-Stolberg/ Michael Zeuske (KOln): Rasse auf Kuba/ Klaas Bahre: Tschetschenienkrieg und Internet
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