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RASTARadish Assimilation in Spaceflight Testbed Atmospheres (US NASA)
RASTAReservoir-Assisted Stormwater Treatment Area (Florida)
RASTARelative Spectral Technique
RASTARadiant Special Test Apparatus
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This is not just my faith, I and my family we shall serve the Lord, It is my responsibility to raise my child as a Rasta," Mwendwa said.
Even though he acknowledges that advertising plays an important role in business success, Rasta said he never advertised his business but rather his quality does.
RASTA app was connected with Google maps and integrated with the Punjab Safe City Authority.
Now living without his companion, Rasta waited for months to find a new home.
Scholars and lay readers alike should expect to gain insight into the reality of the Rasta experience, African-derived religiosity, liberation theology and feminism within the Afro-Caribbean context.
The owner of Spendwell offlicence, across the road from Rasta, said he had not seen anything but it's "not unusual" to see police around Lodge Lane.
Rachel Sterrman, 6, a student at Thomas Prince School, came and read one of the books in the Boxcar Children series to Rasta.
At the same time, Rasta Holding is selling to Fabege the rights to develop 45,000 sq m of office space under a deal worth SEK70m.
Becoming Rasta. Origins of Rastafari Identity in Jamaica.
BRITA I N ' S b e s t -known Rasta, Benjamin Zephaniah, insists new cult Welsh a n i m a t i o n h e r o Rastamouse is not racist and defended the use of Jamaican patois on the kids' TV show.
Celebrity fans of the furry rodent and his reggae band, Da Easy Crew, include singer Lily Allen and rapper Dizzee Rascal He has a Rasta Tam - the well-known multicoloured Rasta hat - and uses words like "irie" meaning happy and "wagwan" for "what's going on?".
Rasta and his blinged-up reggae band, Da Easy Crew, solve mysteries whenever "tings is ruff".