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ROEReturn On Equity
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ROEReport on the Environment (various organizations)
ROERules Of Engagement
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ROERoots of Empathy (Canada)
ROERoyal Observatory, Edinburgh (Scotland,UK)
ROERest of Europe
ROERate of Exchange
ROERdma over Gigabit Ethernet
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ROERubies of Eventide (game)
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ROERecord of Earnings (Canadian pension plan)
ROEReturn on Expectation
ROERosemary Oleoresin Extract
ROERate of Expenditure
ROERaces of Eberron (roleplaying games, Dungeons & Dragons)
ROERotating-frame Overhauser Enhancement (NMR spectroscopy)
ROERelacao de Ondas Estacionarias
ROERotating Frame Overhauser Effect (spectroscopy)
ROEReport of Excess (GSA)
ROERound One End
ROEReportable Order Event (NASD)
ROERoute of Egress
ROERemote Operating Equipment
ROEReflector Orbital Experiment
ROERapid Oxidation Event
ROERoster Of Exception
ROERight Otitis Externa
ROEReseau Objectif Entreprise
ROEReceive Overrun Error Flag
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From 2008 to 2015, both the growth rate of expenditure on sensitization campaigns (r = 0.30 > 0) and the growth rate of the population's sensitivity to Violence against Women (r = 0.40 > 0) have increased, although not significantly.
Proposition 1 The optimal rate of expenditure x([Z.sub.t]) decreases over time and the probability of death at any instant [delta](x([Z.sub.t])) increases over time.
The cost control measures adopted by the company, since 2008, have reportedly controlled its rate of expenditure. These include not engaging into expenditures that were not directly related to its immediate goals.
The results in Table 4 demonstrate that there was continued improvement in the second year (2006) in the following areas: the growth rate of expenditure on non-chargeable medications and supplies, patient satisfaction rate, blood preparation error rate, the use of two methods to identify patients before lab work and treatment, patient visitor complaint rate, and the number of unachieved continuous training hours per person.
He went on to say that "our commitment will still mean a significantly reduced rate of expenditure".
Shadow Health Secretary Andrew Lansley also said hospitals will face a "significant reduced rate of expenditure" under the Tories, adding, "NHS services will have to tighten their belts."
Statistical studies estimate that the number of visitors who come to the city are more than two and a half million during the year to visit the Prophet's Mosque, and the rate of expenditure per visitor is over 1,500 Saudi riyals leading to a source of income exceeding 3 billion riyals a year at an average.
Dabbagh acknowledged that this high rate of expenditure would come at a time when the kingdom was not as "cash rich" as previously.
And cutting the rate of expenditure paid to GPs for medical card holders could be the starting point.
The total remaining remediation cost (K) and the rate of expenditure (k) are related as follows:
"We have started to make good progress over the last few months with directorates reducing the rate of expenditure and we recognise the contributions staff have made in this.