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ROSReactive Oxygen Species
ROSRiddle of Steel (band)
ROSReview of Systems
ROSReturn On Sales
ROSRosman, North Carolina
ROSRun of Site
ROSRites of Spring
ROSRemote Operating System
ROSRobot Open Standard
ROSRun on Schedule
ROSRemote Outputs
ROSReturn on Service
ROSReadout Server
ROSRun on Server
ROSRealtime Operating System
ROSRecord on Silicon
ROSRemote Optimization Service
ROSReplica Optimization Service
ROSRemote Operation Services
ROSRead Only Storage
ROSReadout Subsystem
ROSRight of Survivorship
ROSRegisters of Scotland
ROSResistant Ovary Syndrome
ROSRaggruppamento Operativo Speciale (Italian Carabinieri Special Forces)
ROSRapid Oxidative Stress
ROSRobot Operating System
ROSRod Outer Segment (Ophthalmology)
ROSRegional Open Space (various locations)
ROSRandom Orbital Sander
ROSRate of Spread (wildland fire behavior expressed in chains per hour; 1 chain = 66 feet)
ROSRecord of Service (USMC)
ROSRepublic of Singapore (founded 1965)
ROSRead-Only Storage
ROSRoyal Order of Scotland (Scottish Rite Honorary Order)
ROSReport Of Survey
ROSRun-On Sentence
ROSReview Of System
ROSResidual Oil Saturation
ROSRun Of Schedule
ROSReview of Symptoms (medical)
ROSRun Of Station
ROSRemote Operations Services
ROSRain-on-Snow (meteorological event)
ROSRaces of Stone (roleplaying games, Dungeons & Dragons)
ROSReport of Sale
ROSReed Organ Society
ROSResident Operating System
ROSRaster Output Scanner
ROSRapport d'Ondes Stationnaires (French)
ROSRequired On-Site (Date)
ROSReturn From Overseas
ROSRefractory Organic Substances
ROSReligious Orders Study
ROSRegion of Support
ROSRosario, Santa Fe, Argentina - Fisherton (Airport Code)
ROSRecruit Office Support (Japan)
ROSRelief On Station (UAVs)
ROSRussian Orbital Segment
ROSResearch Operations Support
ROSRemote Operator Station
ROSRestoration of Service
ROSRamapo Orchid Society (New Jersey)
ROSReviewing Official Statement (performance evaluation)
ROSRecreation Opportunity System (USFS/BLM)
ROSRegistrar of Shipping
ROSResource Object Store
ROSRelease of Shift
ROSRequired on Station
ROSReactor Overflow System
ROSRange Operations Support
ROSRégiment des Opérations Spéciales (French: Special Operations Regiment)
ROSRestaurant Operations Support
ROSRegister of Society
ROSRear Observation System
ROSRetail On-the-Shelf (Amsoil)
ROSRapid Obscuration System
ROSRemotely Operated Shutter
ROSReconstitution Operational State
ROSReport Organization Subsystem
ROSRepresentative Observing Site
ROSReduced Operation/al Status
ROSRe-Order Structure
ROSRamsgate Operatic Society
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The rate of spread and the accumulation of the pathological form of tau were much greater in the older animals.
LAHORE -- Diabetes on the rise in country as its rate of spread in adults is 25 percent in urban while 10 percent in rural people.
The rate of spread is exponentially more than it used to be," Ventura County Fire Chief Mark Lorenzen said, noting at a news conference that California's fires in 2018 grow far more quickly than they did even 10 years ago.
Informed by the results of these experiments, we will examine the fitness costs and potential benefits of plasmid acquisition in complex plant-associated environments, and test whether the plasmid benefits from disrupting the Gac/Rsm pathway by boosting its rate of spread in bacterial populations growing on plants.
While there were no significant differences in fuel loading between the interior and exterior plots, consistent patterns were found in the rate of spread and flame length from the BehavePlus modeling, with one exception.
Defra has said vaccination levels of 80%, 50% or even 25% in bovine and ovine species by May 1, 2016, would have a significant impact on the rate of spread of disease - but there is little cost incentive for individual farmers to vaccinate at present, and no vaccine available to do so.
"In such cases, we would suggest that the sample would be test purchased by Trading Standards to allow for repeat testing to again assess the rate of spread of flame."
"The political struggle and the crises in Iraq, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, and Palestine led to an increase in the rate of spread in food insecurity for 25 years and up to this day.
KUWAIT, Dec 1 (KUNA) -- The rate of spread of non-communicable diseases in Kuwait is high and physical inactivity is a leading risk factor that causes such diseases, Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health for Private Services Dr.
Environment Secretary Owen Paterson set out actions to reduce the rate of spread of Chalara ash dieback and develop disease-resistant trees, but conservation groups warned the Government was not doing enough to protect UK woodlands.
The cause of the high rate of spread of this pest is human intervention and by transporting infested young or adult date palm trees and their offshoots from contaminated to uninfected areas.