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Nepra's concept paper on 'Determination of Rate of Return for Power Sector' drafted in November 2016 said, 'The IRR (internal rate of return) offered by regulator must be more tailored towards improving the energy mix that is more reflective of a country's available natural resources and macro-economic conditions.
A result is that the rate of return to the borrower on an investment in a larger down payment is very high.
where [R.sub.m] -r is the market risk premium, [[beta].sub.i] = Cov([[??].sub.m],[[??].sub.i])/[[sigma].sup.2.sub.m], Cov(.,.) is the covariance operator, [[omega].sub.m] is the market portfolio, [R.sub.m] is the expected rate of return on the market portfolio, with [[??].sub.m] = [[omega].sub.m.sup.T] [??] , and [[sigma].sub.m.sup.2] is the variance of the market portfolio rate of return.
The former will generate the most volatile rates across different asset types, while the latter, by definition, will produce the same rate of return to capital for all assets.
The rate of return on its benchmark 10-year treasury bond in the secondary market has fallen below 5.0 percent for the first time since 2010.
If $50 were received in year one as a return on $200 invested, the rate of return would be 25 percent, calculated as 50/200 = .25 or 25 percent.
* 15.1 percent of female boomers favored rate of return
In case 3 years after every of the three tranches RusHydro share price is less than R1.65 ($0.06) plus rate of return required by VEB, VEB will be able to claim additional shares from RusHydro.
Chow and Lawler (2003) analyzed the price index for the Shanghai Stock Exchange in comparison with the New York Stock Exchange Index in terms of its rate of return, volatility and structural changes in the movement of the index up until 2002.
Section III looks at how the changes in the number of degrees have affected the rate of return for male and females in higher education.
A software has been developed to facilitate calculations involved and getting automated results for marginal rate of return (MRR).