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To evaluate the rate-distortion performance of the proposed CS codec including adaptive sampling and reconstruction, we select sparse representation and quantization schemes as benchmarks.
Our method has better rate-distortion performance than that of sparse representation and quantization schemes.
Finally, the rate-distortion performance of proposed CVS system is compared with those of CS-KLT video codec (one of state-of-the-art CVS system) proposed in [35] and CS-based video codec in our previous work [36].
Various experiments are performed to evaluate the performance of proposed CVS system from some perspectives, and their results demonstrated that the proposed ST-Q used in our codec reduces effectively the quantization errors of measurements so as to guarantee a better rate-distortion performance when compared with the uniform SQ, DPCM-plus-SQ and SDPC, and the proposed MA-R algorithm has the superior performance than the existing reconstruction methods DISCOS and MHPR in both PSNR and visual quality.
11 compares the rate-distortion performances, averaged over the first 100 frames of Foreman, Highway and Container sequences respectively, of the Intra coded results by the H.264/AVC JM9.5 software (H.264i), the CS-KLT codec proposed by [35], the CS-based video codec in our previous work [36] and the proposed CVS system.
Evaluation on Rate-Distortion Performance. Figure 5 shows the rate-distortion curves for H.264, DISCOVER, and CSVC encoders under different test video sequences.
Experiment results show that the rate-distortion performance of CSVC has a large performance difference from H.264 and DISCOVER, but its rate-energy-distortion performance has a greater advantage; that is, the rapid improvement of its reconstruction quality does not depend on coding energy input.
At present, the rate-distortion performance of CSVC is still not ideal, and there is still some way to go before we put CSVC into practical use.
Rate-distortion performance of CSVC is greatly related to the accuracy of side information estimation, which means that high-quality side information immensely reduces the required supply of bit load from encoder side.
It is obvious that the rate-distortion performances of the virtual color image and depth map by our scheme are better than that using SVC of JSVM software [6] and the Ref [5] method, and are comparable with HEVC intra for all tested sequences.
From further analysis, as shown in Table 2, when QP is fixed, GOP4 has the worst rate-distortion performance compared to the proposed method, TestA and TestB respectively have 1.14 and 1.05 dB PSNR reductions, as well as 3.74% and 7.33% bit rate increases.
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