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Experts were selected based on their experience and expertise in medicine and/or health policy and/or experience in implementation of polices to promote rational use of medicines. Table 1 shows the demographic characteristics of the participants.
There is also a series of habits and practices that prevent their effectuation, such as the multiplicity of pharmaceutical products registered as innovations and which are no different from the existing ones, the diffusion of consumption without evaluating the impacts of adopting a product, the negative judgement about practices that guide the rational use of medicines, which is often understood as an element that reduces the prescriber's autonomy, and the influence of the pharmaceutical industry.
The effect of essential medicines programme on rational use of medicines in China.
Some of the remedies are safe and effective when used correctly, but others are dangerous.2 Community pharmacies are seen as a quick source of advice, referral, medicines and information by the patients.3 The way drugs are procured, stored and dispensed and the information given by the dispensers dictates the quality of their use, thus leading to rational or irrational use of medication.2 Perhaps rational use of medicine could be a challenge in these settings.
Promoting rational use of medicines: core components (2002) WHO Policy Perspective on Medicines September 2002.
Another directive is the promotion of rational use of medicines, which are a broad field of individual and articulated measures, within the concept proposed in the NMP.
Rational use of medicines is an important component of an effective health system.
The Health Minister is being accompanied by a number of pharmacists from the Health Ministry, departments relevant to training pharmacists, rational use of medicines and clinical pharmacies.
Rational use of medicines by individuals with diabetes mellitus and arterial hypertension in the municipality of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
The World Health Organization (WHO) has invested in the development of methodologies to analyze the pharmaceutical situation in the countries, including pharmaceutical services, access, quality and rational use of medicines in a country, region, or health unit, using a limited number of objective indicators (6).
Ahmed bin Mohammed al-Sa'eedi, Health Minister who took part today in special sessions on experience of the Sultanate in the field of rational use of medicine during which a number of pharmacists from the Sultanate reviewed the rational use of medicine.
"Our main objective is to promote the rational use of medicine and protect public health, not to close down a business," said Dr Smine.