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Jaseni said Penang needs SPRWTS urgently because Sungai Muda, the primary raw water resource for Kedah and Penang, may only reliably meet both states' raw water needs until 2025.
The agreement, which covers a 30-year period, involves the supply of raw water from Wawa and Tayabasan rivers through the Wawa Bulk Water Supply Project, specifically with a dam to be built by the joint venture.
Manila Water said the offtake agreement would be for a term of 30 years and involves the supply of raw water from the Wawa and Tayabasan rivers.
The second segment of the project will provide additional raw water supply of up to 500 MLD to 550 MLD.
Because it is untreated, raw water may contain some of these pathogens.
In favor of Maynilad, the two companies have a 60-40 raw water sharing agreement, which has not been changed for the past 20 years.
Dr Hensrud explained that drinking raw water can put you at risk of ingesting E.
RO has a higher capital cost than ion exchange but operating costs for both processes depend on the system flow rate and the TDS of the raw water. The chemical consumption in ion exchange is directly proportional to the raw water TDS whilst the power consumption of RO remains fairly constant, so RO becomes more economic for higher TDS raw waters.
Prior to the tunnel construction (which requires dredging technique to install precast tunnel sections), the existing raw water line needed to be relocated.
Under an agreement, Northwest Pipe Company will supply 45,950 feet of 84 inch and 113,600 feet of 96 inch cement mortar lined and polyurethane coated welded steel pipe for three sections of Lake Texoma Outfall for the Wylie Water Treatment Plant Raw Water Pipeline Project.
Graeme Ridley, Northumbrian Water's project manager, said: "Raw water is currently transferred to Horsley water treatment works by a 1397mm diameter pipe.
"Summit Spring Raw Water is going to be gathered from the spring, gravity fed 50 feet away through a stainless steel pipe straight into the bottle minutes after it bubbles through the ground," N.