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RbcLRibulose Bisphosphate Carboxylase Large (microbiology)
RbcLRoad and Bridge Contract Limits
RbcLRed Blood Cell Lysate
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We chose the rbcL chloroplast gene sequence to identify algal species consumed and sequestered by E.
The cpDNA genes rbcL, matK, ndhF, the pseudogene rps 16, and the intergenic spacer trnL-Y are the five best sampled regions for the family and most of them are easily alignable across Cyperaceae.
Phylogeny and generic circumscriptions of cheilanthoid ferns (Pteridaceae: Cheilanhoideae) inferrer from rbcL nucleotide sequences.
For example, studies on molecular phylogeny of Plectranthus using sequences from various regions of nucleus and chloroplast DNA such as trnK, nuclear ITS, Rbcl, and MatK or even using other methods such as SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms), RAPDS (random amplified polymorphic DNA), and RFLPs (restriction fragment length polymorphisms) need to be conducted.
Other genetically verified records of Phycodrys from Alaska include an rbcL sequence from St.
Identification to species was achieved for 18% (trnH-psbA), 15% (rbcL), 5% (matK) and 0% (ITS2) across all samples.
The rbcL barcode region, which consists of approximately 1430 bp, is easy to be amplified and has the ability to generate good quality sequence [223].
evaluated the resolution of five regions (rbcL, matK, ITS, ITS2, and trnH-psbA), ultimately suggesting an rbcL + ITS2 barcode combination as the most suitable marker for analyzing biodiversity in the Dinghushan National Nature Reserve (DNNR) in China [49].
(2009), using multilocus combinations rbcL + trnH-psbA + matK regions is useful for the identification in plants.
For the first time, the polymerase chain reaction was performed for matK and rbcL genes of Atriplex pratovii.