RbfARibosome Binding Factor A
RbfARoyal Belgian Football Association
RbfARichmond Boys Fastball Association (Canada)
RbfARapid Bladder Filling Agent
RbfARobinson Bashall Functional Assessment (medical rehabilitation)
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An overabundance of RbfA hurries the process along, which could result in an ineffective structure.
Culver said RbfA and KsgA belong to "the chicken or the egg" category of microbiology.
Put, 56, who led Burkina Faso to their first ever Afcon final on Monday, losing 1-0 to Nigeria, served a three-year ban from the RBFA for his alleged involvement in the 2005 Ye Zheyun betting scandal -- a case named after the Chinese businessman who was allegedly involved.
BBC Sport recently quoted the RBFA's former lawyer Rene Verstringhe as saying if Put wanted to return to coach in Belgium, the RBFA would need to grant him a licence.
Data on behavioral outcomes were collected with the RBA and RBFA. The RBA was administered during the intake stage of standard intervention.
The CMA has today appointed Susannah Meeke as its new Director of Remedies, Business and Financial Analysis (RBFA).
Susannah, currently an Assistant Director in the RBFA Group, takes up her post in December.
The RBFA Group is the CMA s centre of excellence for all aspects of remedies work and for providing commercial and financial expertise across the spectrum of the CMA s casework, including market and mergers cases, competition and consumer enforcement and regulatory reviews.
Gavin joins the CMA s Remedies, Business and Financial Analysis (RBFA) team under Senior Director Adam Land.
The CMA has today announced its new Senior Director of Remedies, Business and Financial Analysis (RBFA) as well as the appointment of 2 new Directors of Mergers.
Following an external competition, Adam Land has been appointed as Senior Director of RBFA and will start in his new role, to which he was successful on internal promotion, in early December.
I would also like to thank David for all his hard work over the last 12 years in successfully developing the RBFA group as a leading centre of expertise in remedies and financial analysis.