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Dharamsala (Himachal Pradesh), Jan.20 ( ANI ): The Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD) presented its annual report 2013 on the Tibetan situation, and also released 'Gulags of Tibet', a special report on Re-education through Labour (RTL) system here on Monday.
A proposal to abolish re-education through labour camps was also approved.
The labour camp - or "re-education through labour" - system was established to punish early critics of the Communist Party but now is used by local officials to deal with people challenging their authority on issues including land rights and corruption.
China's re-education through labour system gives police the right to hand out sentences of up to four years without a judicial trial.
Many are then sent to China's "re-education through labour" camps, which have been the object of growing calls for abolition, although expectations of change at the rubber-stamp National People's Congress (NPC) have faded in recent weeks, and the topic was not mentioned in judicial reports on Sunday.
Chen Jiping, deputy director of the China Law Society, said the changes to laojiao, or re-education through labour, announced at the national political and legal work conference on Jan 7-where Meng had made his comments - were imminent.
Human Rights in China said Liu Shaokun had been ordered to serve a year of "re-education through labour" - a system that side-steps the need for a criminal trial.
In China Father John Wang Zhongfa, 66, was sentenced to one year of re-education through labour in January for celebrating a (midnight) funeral Mass for an elderly nun.
The camps are generally located within or adjacent to Reform Through Labour Camps or Re-education Through Labour Camps, far away from cities.
25 ( ANI ): Chinese legislators have voted to abolish the decades-old "re-education through labour" programme, called "laojiao", saying it had served its historical purpose.
Six days later he was standing naked in the reception area of a "re-education through labour" camp, bent over with his hands behind his back and staring at the floor, as stick-wielding guards beat anyone who looked up.The 37-year-old is among hundreds of thousands in China who have had their lives uprooted by local police panels empowered to send people to the camps for up to four years without a trial.
The re-education through labour system has come under criticism in recent months and state media quoted a senior legal official as saying this week that it would be abolished this year.