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ReRAMResistive Random Access Memory
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"Applied Materials is providing important technology to help accelerate the availability of promising emerging memories such as MRAM, ReRAM and PCRAM."
Usually, more reproducible characterization of ReRAM devices based on MIM structures would require that [V.sub.FORM] > [V.sub.SET] > [V.sub.RESET] and [CC.sub.RESET] > [CC.sub.SET] and doing so by also using specific time-dependent waveforms as polarization sources so that the time-dependent properties of these devices could also be extracted (like the well-known poor frequency dependence of experimental memristors, where the total area of the pinched hysteresis loops decreases with the frequency of applied bias).
The MB85AS4MT is an SPI-interface ReRAM product that operates with a wide range of power supply voltage, from 1.65V to 3.6V.
Mott memory can be regarded as a type of ReRAM that has a different switching mechanism from conventional resistive memories.
ReRAM chips promise significantly greater memory storage than current technology, such as the Flash memory used on USB sticks, and require much less energy and space.
Dr Tony Kenyon, UCL Electronic and Electrical Engineering, said: "Our ReRAM memory chips need just a thousandth of the energy and are around a hundred times faster than standard Flash memory chips.
The two companies will jointly develop new materials and process integration technology to transfer the memristor technology from research to commercial development in the form of Resistive Random Access Memory (ReRAM).
The new system memory solutions are primarily dubbed as Resistive Random Access Memory (ReRAM).
Next generation memory technologies covered in this report are the "non-volatile next generation memory technologies" such as Memristor or Resistive Random Access Memory (ReRAM), Phase Change Memory (PCM), Magneto-resistive Random Access Memory (MRAM), and Ferroelectric Random Access Memory (FeRAM), among other technologies.