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RFTSReach for the Stars
RFTSRemote Fiber Test System (optical layer monitoring)
RFTSRepeat Formation Tester Sample (energy exploration)
RFTSReading from the Silence
RFTSRenewable Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis (energy)
RFTSRemote File Transfer System
RFTSRadio Frequency Test Set
RFTSReason for the Season
RFTSRequest For Technical Support
RFTSRadio Frequency Transmission Systems (US Air Force)
RFTSRemote Fiber Test Set
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Reach for the Stars is, in some ways, a departure from the whimsy and politics of their shorts.
Having evolved from Watch this Space - a four-day BITC programme which aims to support the transition from primary to secondary school - Reach for the Stars gave pupils the chance to meet successful adult role models in a bid to raise aspirations.
What could Democrats do to reach for the stars, instead of just posing with them?
They inspire us to reach for the stars in our own way.
We want these kids to continue to reach for the stars and Scouting imbues them with the skills and attitude to do that.
The inspiration and warm feelings generated encourage our residents to reach for the stars to fulfill their dreams and the community to stretch their hearts to bring happiness to someone else.
And Diamond got a chance to reach for the stars after Miami inventor Ivan Yaeger heard about her disability.
As well as the usual slapstick panto routines, the cast led the audience through singalongs, including Reach For The Stars, My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean and Celine Dion's Think Twice.
Reach for the Stars comprises tools to increase the performance for every member of Cardinal Health's Pharmacy Services Administration Organization, Hoover says.
JIMMY WALKER will reach for the stars at Augusta but spends the rest of his time shooting them as a hobby.