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RFTTRocket from the Tombs (band)
RFTTReach for the Top (trivia organization, Canada)
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Ben Tuckey won the contest last year on Chilling Place, and calls upon Reach For The Top today, but the City-based commodity trader senses it may be time to hang up his very small saddle.
Reach For The Top is in that category, for he finished third to Baby Run in last year's Christie's Foxhunter Chase and ran well in the same race last month until unseating at the last.
Tuckey, whose father Mike trains Reach For The Top and one other pointer at the family's Oxfordshire farm, adds: "The horse has never felt better.
You're struggling to keep afloat in the race, The struggle is turning you blue in the face, The faster you move the harder it gets, You're nearly there but then the milk sets You reach for the top and scream and utter, But the more you move the milk churns into butter.
The 31-year-old is bitter at being freed by Queen of the South and aims to use that as motivation to reach for the top again.
The success of the Lightning 9900 V Series systems has helped Hitachi Data Systems reach for the top of the high-end storage market.
By November of this year, the FCC is mandating a digital reach for the top 30 markets (reaching up to 50 percent of U.