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RIERisico Inventarisatie en Evaluatie (Italian: Risk Inventory and Evaluation)
RIEReactive Ion Etching
RIERoyal Infirmary of Edinburgh (Scotland, UK)
RIEResources for Infant Educarers (California)
RIERevista de Investigación Educativa (Spanish: Review of Educational Research)
RIERapid Improvement Event
RIERecognised Investment Exchange (UK)
RIERectification Interval Extension (aviation)
RIERight Inboard Elevon (US NASA)
RIERice Lake, Wisconsin (Airport Code)
RIEReceive Interrupt Enable
RIERegards sur l'Intelligence Economique (French: Views on Economic Intelligence)
RIERemote Instrument Enclosure
RIERegional Information Exchange
RIERésidence Internationale d'Etudiants (French: International Student Residence)
RIERemote Interface Electronics
RIERadar Interface Equipment
RIERequirements-Induced Error
RIERéseau International EPIVAC (Épidémiologie & Vaccinologie; French: Research International EPIVAC (Epidemiology and Vaccinology))
RIERéalisations Industrielles Electriques (French: Industrial Electrical Work)
RIERencontres de l'Initiative Economique (French: Economic Initiative Encounters)
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Complex methods, such as the stepper photolithography and deep reactive ion etching, also known as the Bosch process, have helped researchers achieve some of these goals.
This investigation evaluates the effects of different controllable process parameters on the wettabilty quality after Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) calculated in the form of contact angle.
Lead project researcher Aleksander Angelov says the molds are made of silicon using standard micro-machining techniques including electron-beam lithography and deep reactive ion etching.
Contract notice: supply of reactive ion etching equipment for dielectric materials and gan alloys
In addition, the following devices were introduced in form of posters: Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM), Freeze Drying, Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD), Animal Spectrometer, Deep Reactive Ion Etching and Deep Silicon Etching, Electrospinning, Pulse Electrical Explosion (PEE), Producer of PNC and FMI Metallic Nano Colloids, and High Pressure.
A silicon mold insert with micro-holes array is first fabricated by conventional photolithography and deep reactive ion etching process.
Contract notice: plasma reactive ion etching machine in capacitive coupling mode - femto-st
The five new achievements were a device to determine specific area (BET) of nanomaterials with the ability to characterize nanostructured materials, deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) device with the ability to create vertical and deep micrometric and nanometric structures, capillary electrophoresis device with the ability to quantitatively and qualitatively detect medicine, animal spectroscopy device (HiReSPECT) with the ability to take images from small animals, and Sinadoxosome nanomedicine.
Deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) Chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP)
1 piece, Rie etching system for metals a system, Unit number 1, With decoupled plasma source for reactive ion etching of metallic nanostructures and hard masks (in particular of chromium, Aluminum, Platinum) and the structuring of aluminum nitride as a piezoelectric transducer material is procured.
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