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R/WReinforced With
R/WRotary Wing (aviation)
R/WRandom Width
R/WReimbursable Work
R/WRaw Weight
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The active read/write head supports the ISO 15693 Standard, and combines antenna and electronics in a robust IP67 housing measuring 80 x 800 x 25 mm.
One method might be a piezo structure within the head matrix to finely adjust individual read/write elements.
The 7K60 also shows a 20-percent improvement in average seek time (time it takes the read/write arm to arrive at the desired data track).
0 V input and output voltage options, hardware-based simultaneous read/write, and low standby power.
It can affect how close the laser can get to the recording medium and, therefore, the laser's ability to read/write data.
8 volts and features a high-performance burst-mode interface and AMD's award-winning Simultaneous Read/Write architecture, plus FlexBank architecture.
AIT technology combines advances in read/write head design, tape handling, error correction, and media construction to improve reliability and lower costs.