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RLBReceive Load Balancing
RLBRider Levett Bucknall (property and construction)
RLBRead Later (email slang)
RLBRegulated Lag Ballast
RLBRated Load Break
RLBRencontres Ludiques de Bretagne (French: Playful Encounters of Britanny; gaming convention)
RLBRight Linebacker (pro football)
RLBReinforced Library Binding
RLBRe-Locatable Building (US Army)
RLBRent Leveling Board
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(Which is a lie as you will read later.) Do remember being allowed to make clothes for Sister's Christmas dolls.
On the new app can save articles offline to read later. We will enable caching of a certain number of articles on a future release but even the old app will not have completely worked without an internet connection.
I read later there were estimates that Russian troll and bot activity had increased by thousands of per cent around the breaking news that Hannity was also a client of disgraced Trump lawyer Michael Cohen.
We read later that Meghan has ancestors from our hometown of Sleaford."
The prosecution was not able to prove she had read the response, and the defence said it was only read later by one of her three passengers after the crash.
"Fresh out of HackWeek and coming soon - a new way to save tweets to read later. Been a top request.
Try sorting mail into four piles: junk which goes directly to the circular file; bills which immediately go into an unpaid fills file; correspondence or actionable items that require a response; and reading material which you plan to read later.
It's a simple idea - you see an article you want to read but don't have time for right now, you tap the "read later" button and the article is saved in Instapaper for you to, well, read later.
Additionally, they can download content which may be read later when offline, or even highlight, copy, and bookmark their favorites.
It looks pretty similar to the old browser on Windows Phone 8.1, but adds a couple of new features Reading List, that lets users bookmark pages to read later. As the app is a universal app, the reading list is shared between desktops and mobile devices.
She also has folders for to-do lists, items to read later, and other reference materials.
Instapaper offers a solution of sorts: allowing you to save articles from your Web-surfing to read later on your desktop or mobile device.