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By the end of her participation in the study, she had been introduced to 46 words and had added 34 of those words to her braille reading vocabulary (see Figure 1).
instructional approaches to increasing reading vocabulary. Educational Perspectives, 23: 16-21.
The Word-Level component comprised the Word Attack and Word Identification measures; the Fluency component comprised the TOWRE Sight Word and Phonemic Decoding Efficiency measures and the GORT Accuracy and Rate measures; the Vocabulary component comprised the WLPB-R Listening Comprehension and Reading Vocabulary measures and the PPVT Total score; and the Comprehension component comprised the WLPB-R Passage Comprehension and the GORT Reading Comprehension measures.
Children's early reading vocabulary: Description and word frequency lists.
The reading vocabulary of the average person is about 8,000 words.
Audiobooks, says Allen, bridge the gap between adolescent reading vocabulary and listening vocabulary, which is actually higher for struggling readers.
An examination of the effects of teaching a reading vocabulary upon writing vocabulary in student compositions.
The NDRT measures reading comprehension, reading vocabulary and reading rate.
She has used Project Star, an adult literacy program, to increase her reading vocabulary. She also has had access to games that improved her hand-eye coordination.
This evaluation of the impact of "Thinking Reader" use by Grade 6 students focused on two confirmatory research questions about the effect of the program on two measures of students' reading achievement: (1) What is the effect of "Thinking Reader" on students' reading vocabulary?; and (2) What is the effect of "Thinking Reader" on students' reading comprehension?
For example, because the days of the week were part of her reading vocabulary, Andrea could now have a more traditional word-based calendar and weather chart.