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RFIRadio Frequency Interference
RFIRequest For Information
RFIRequest for Information (various organizations)
RFIRadio France Internationale
RFIRadio-France Internationale
RFIRemote File Inclusion (remote internet attack technique)
RFIRete Ferroviaria Italiana (Italian train network)
RFIRadio Frequency Identification (usually seen as RFID)
RFIRCRA Facility Investigation
RFIRemote Failure Indicator
RFIRepeater Frequency Index
RFIRequest for Intelligence (US DoD)
RFIRapid Fielding Initiative
RFIRadiative Forcing Index
RFIReady For Installation
RFIRadio Frequency Interface
RFIReady For Issue
RFIResonant Field Imaging (energy)
RFIResin Film Infusion
RFIRequest for Inspection
RFIReturn from Interrupt (computer memory reference instruction)
RFIRadar Frequency Interferometer (AN/APR-48A radar)
RFIRequirement for Improvement (health care)
RFIReady for Inspection
RFIRadio Frequency Investigation
RFIRadio Frequency Immunity
RFIRed Flag Investigation (Indiana)
RFIRadio Frequency Interferometer
RFIRepresentative of a Foreign Interest
RFIRegistro Fiat Italiano (Italian: Italian Fiat Registry; automobile club)
RFIRemote Fault Indication
RFIRuder Finn Interactive (various locations)
RFIResource File Index
RFIReferencing Fault Insertion (computer programming)
RFIRemedial Field Investigation
RFIRehabilitation Foundation, Inc.
RFIRequirement to Furnish Information (letter sent to alleged violators of US Treasury Department laws and codes)
RFIRichmond Fellowship International (UK)
RFIRequires Further Information
RFIRoad Features Inventory
RFIRemote File Inquiry
RFIReceiver Fixture Interface Alliance
RFIReady for Invite (gaming)
RFIRequest for Installation
RFIRapid Fault Isolation (MCI)
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Cleaned returnable containers or other equipment, ready for issue to users, are held at the service centres, where user-orders are accessed using the Internet connection to the TRACE central database.
Navy and Air Force assets will repair hardware to Ready For Issue condition and will cover technical and cost data submissions.
lt;p>Cards will be issued to existing customers on a renewal basis; Lloyds TSB Middle East will contact customers when their card is ready for issue to arrange a convenient time to deliver.
The T700 PBL contract was developed to maximize the availability of ready for issue internal engine components required by Navy operators and maintainers.
E contract also incluses all maintenance, support activities, repairs, calibrations and technical data required to return the OTO HMSD associated items to a ready for issue condition.
Bottom line, eRMS saves the fleet money by preventing carcasses charges and greatly improves the turn around time needed to get carcasses back to ready for issue condition,