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RCVRecent Change and Verify
RCVRanked Choice Voting
RCVRoyal Canterlot Voice (animated series)
RCVReplacement Cost Value
RCVRègles de Course à la Voile (French: Racing Rules of Sailing)
RCVRefuse Collection Vehicle
RCVRisque Cardiovasculaire (French: Cardiovascular Risk)
RCVRed Cell Volume
RCVRoll Call Vote
RCVRadio Club Venezolano (Spanish: Radio Club of Venezuela)
RCVRemote Control Valve
RCVRemotely Controlled Vehicle
RCVRadio Cité Vauban (French radio station)
RCVReference Change Value
RCVRugby Club Vannetais (French rugby club)
RCVRacing Club de Vichy (French rugby club)
RCVRéadaptation Cardiovasculaire (French: Cardiovascular Rehabilitation)
RCVReal Course Video (triathlon training)
RCVRugby Club Valenciennois (French rugby club)
RCVContrôle Chimique et Volumétrique (French: Chemical and Volumetric Control)
RCVRobotic Combat Vehicle