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Working together, this partnership sought to encourage redevelopment of the site in a way that would have real economic impact for North Lanarkshire and further afield.
Abbas criticized how Doha keeps insinuating that the boycott has not affected it, saying that ven a junior business analyst would know that any real economic impact would be mid- to long-term, rather than immediate.
TechPreneur Africa, a social impact firm focused on harnessing innovation and entrepreneurship to achieve real economic impact across Africa has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), an international financial centre in Abu Dhabi, to foster and support the growth and activities of FinTech in the Middle East and African regions.
There will be a real economic impact to the vitality of Austin and other cities.
These grants will help increase the production capacity of many small and medium-sized production studios across Alberta, ultimately delivering jobs and real economic impact.
com)-- Experts agree, infection and bacteria are spread by people touching surfaces that are later touched by others, causing a chain of events that can end in many people becoming ill, with a real economic impact to employers both large and small.
It will therefore take some time for Iranian trade to make a real economic impact in the region.
Furthermore, the means of the company are such that the fine must be sufficiently substantial to have a real economic impact which will bring home to both management and shareholders for the need to comply with health and safety legislation.
The guidance is clear in its instruction to the judiciary: the fine must be sufficiently substantial to have a real economic impact which will bring home to both management and shareholders the need to comply with health and safety legislation.
The fine must be substantial enough to have real economic impact.
The latest official figure showing China's economic growth rose 7 percent year on year in the second quarter supports Fitch's view that the real economic impact of equity market volatility will be minimal, Fitch said in a report.
More than 100,000 protesters gathered in Budapest, furious at the political symbolism of the tax and its very real economic impact.