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REERReal Effective Exchange Rate
REERRegime Enregistre d'Epargne Retraite
REERReal Equilibrium Exchange Rate (economics)
REERReal Exchange Effective Rate
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Due to depreciation in other regional currencies the Real Effective Exchange Rate has also depreciated by 0.
200/USD) to reflect the change, and believe that an undervalued real effective exchange rate and modest current account surplus should provide support to the currency.
Further accumulation could also help arrest further appreciation of the real effective exchange rate, which has been affecting competitiveness, said the policy lender in its report.
Over the long-term, an undervalued real effective exchange rate and a large current account surplus will lend support to the currency, limiting weakness and providing stability.
Oman's real effective exchange rate has appreciated by 12 per cent since early 2014.
We conducted an empirical analysis to confirm the effect of the real effective exchange rate (REER) on the Japanese trade balance by using ECM over the sample period from January 1985 to June 2014, including the recent yen-depreciation period due to gAbenomicsh.
As China is maintaining a relatively large trade surplus, yuan's real effective exchange rate is relatively strong.
4 per cent in 2015 amid lower oil prices and an appreciation of the real effective exchange rate," said Zeine Zeidane, the IMF Mission chief.
But the much greater problems are weak domestic growth, a rising real effective exchange rate and serially low inflation.
Secondly data was analyzed to check the factor affecting exchange rate volatility and it is estimated that imports exports inflation interest rate government consumption expenditure and foreign direct investment has a significant impact on real effective exchange rate in the long run and short run.
Fourth, a more general vector error correction model (VECM) framework is estimated to investigate the causal relationships and the adjustment process of the variables in the system as a whole; it is determined that a negative adjustment process exists for two equations in the system and that the real effective exchange rate and economic infrastructure spending are weakly exogenous.
BaE-cy also said he does not believe the lira is overvalued at current levels, after the currency's real effective exchange rate rose in September.