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RERCRehabilitation Engineering Research Center
RERCReal Estate Research Corporation
RERCRCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) External Review Committee
RERCReal Estate Research Council (Pomona, CA)
RERCReliant Energy Resources Corp. (Houston, TX)
RERCResearch and Engineering Center
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I don't see this huge onslaught where large volumes of distressed assets are placed in the market and the supply of properties at distressed levels overwhelms the investment demand side," said Riggs, who is also president and CEO of the Chicago-based Real Estate Research Corporation.
Bonds ranked third and stocks were the last choice of four options in the latest Investment Trends Quarterly report from the CCIM Institute and Real Estate Research Corporation (RERC), both based in Chicago.
The report is produced by Real Estate Research Corporation (RERC), a national research and consulting firm, and CCIM Institute, the governing body of the worlds' largest commercial real estate brokerage network.
However, new research by Real Estate Research Corporation (RERC) shows weakening space fundamentals as a result of investors expecting little to no business growth that would require additional space in 2003.
president and chief executive officer of Chicago-based Real Estate Research Corporation (RERC), says the overall effects of the economy on commercial real estate include loss of jobs and declining demand for all types of space, hurting real estate fundamentals.
00 Source: Real Estate Research Corporation, Summer 2002 Report Office Market Conditions Submarket Vacancy Rate Vacancy w/Sublet Capitol Hill/First Hill 15.
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