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RLVReusable Launch Vehicle
RLVReal Life Video
RLVRecherches Linguistiques de Vincennes (French: Vincennes Linguistics Research)
RLVRauscher Leukemia Virus
RLVReporting Limit Verification (AIHA minimum QC procedure frequency requirements)
RLVRankine-Like Vortex
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Creating a real life video (for example, a cellphone recording) is useful for developing my oral presentation skills (pronunciation, fluency, intonation, etc.
This project seeks to create a collaborative environment through real life videos and the software Moviestorm, which may allow students to prepare for better oral production.
The present project about the contrast between real life videos and machinima produced through Moviestorm emerged as an innovative way to take advantage of these technological materials within an ESP course while promoting the development of oral presentation skills in two environments: real-life vs.
Teacher: Do you think the use of real life videos influences your oral production skills in English regarding pronunciation, intonation, stress, fluency, and body language?
During the survey, the students expressed their opinions regarding the creation of real life videos as shown in Figure 2.
There will also be the chance to see real life videos of RAF Regiment gunners working on the frontline in Afghanistan and Iraq, and chat to the team about their experiences.