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RP1Retinitis Pigmentosa 1 (gene)
RP1Related Proteins 1 (biochemistry)
RP1Real Projective Line (mathematics)
RP1Rural Precinct 1 (Iowa)
RP1Rat Protamine 1 (biology)
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(i) [F.sub.E] [equivalent to] {[[0].sub.E], [[1].sub.E], [[[infinity]].sub.E]} for projective frames of the real projective line P[R.sup.1], and
Additionally, because (1)the circle [S.sup.1] is homeomorphic to the real projective line P[R.sup.1] and (2) we need angle measurements to frame the points of [mathematical expression not reproducible] associated with any event K in the past null cone of [E.sub.p] to be furthermore localized, then a particular production process of projective frame for [mathematical expression not reproducible] must be devised and incorporated in the echoing system definition now given below.
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