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RRRReading, 'Riting, 'Rithmetic
RRRReserve Requirement Ratio (finance)
RRRRayman Raving Rabbids (game)
RRRRelative Risk Reduction
RRRRange Rover Register
RRRRouting with Resource Reservation
RRRRa Ra Riot (band)
RRRReduce Reuse Recycle
RRRRural, Regional and Remote (geographical classification; Australia)
RRRReturn Receipt Requested (US mail)
RRRRisk Reward Ratio
RRRRidge Racer Revolution (gaming)
RRRRequired Rate of Return
RRRRelative Risk Ratio
RRRReserve Replacement Ratio
RRRRegular Rate and Rhythm (normal cardiac physical exam)
RRRRadical Religious Right
RRRResidual Resistivity Ratio
RRRRisk Retention Reporter (Insurance Communications publication; Pasadena, CA)
RRRRapid Runway Repair
RRRRelief, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction (various locations)
RRRReal Rate of Return
RRRRiders, Rangers, and Rambles (website)
RRRReduccion del Riesgo Relativo (Spanish: absolute risk reduction)
RRRRound Rotherham Run (UK)
RRRRames Réversibles Régionales (French: Reversible Regional Trains)
RRRRelease Readiness Review (software engineering)
RRRRolling Rowland Ride (Rowland Heights, CA)
RRRRyan Reph Remodeling, Inc. (Herndon, VA)
RRRReadiness, Response and Recovery
RRRRoom Resonance Remover
RRRRed Right Returning (nautical navigation)
RRRReduced Residual Radiation
RRRRapid Ring Recovery
RRRRecovery, Rehabilitation and Reablement (healthcare; UK)
RRRResource Rent Royalty (Australia)
RRRRecommended Retail Rate
RRRRights, Respect and Responsibilities (education)
RRRRockland Road Runners
RRRRequired Run Rate (cricket)
RRRReligious Radical Right
RRRResurfacing, Restoration & Rehabilitation (highway repair; various locations)
RRRRAM Rationale Report
RRRRassemblement pour le Renouveau de la République (French: Rally for the Renewal of the Republic; Guinea)
RRRResource Recovery and Recycling
RRRRPG RPG Revolution (forums/website)
RRRReal Recognizes Real
RRRRoyal Rhodesia Regiment
RRRRace, Religion, and Representation (Conference)
RRRRepublican Religious Right (politics)
RRRRequirements Rational Report
RRRRaleigh Research Reactor (North Carolina State College)
RRRRitalin Reading Room
RRRRappahannock Ridge Rumble (Fredericksburg, VA race)
RRRRelease Requirements Review
RRRReturn, Repair and Reshipment
RRRRespiration, Rate, and Rhythm (Cardiac examination)
RRRResource Requisitions Request
RRRRisk Reduction Reports
RRRRiver Regulating Reservoir
RRRRights, Riding, Racing (American Motorcyclist Association)
RRRRemove, Repair & Replace
RRRRotors Running Refuel
RRRResistor-Reactor Rectifier
RRRRuff Ryder Records (record label)
RRRRoad Runner Relay (fundraising event)
RRRRight-Red-Return (navigation, channel bouy color)
RRRRed River Rovers (Motorhome chapter of Family Motor Coach Association)
RRRRoyton Road Runners (UK)
RRRRomsey Road Runners (UK)
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it] real rate of return on shares of i-th company on day t if there was an information,
The unitized risk values for the real rate of return for the DJIA Index are indicated on the basis of the data presented in Table 1 and Figure 2.
Indonesian bonds are providing a real rate of return of 0.
68/GGE, which is the economic breakeven price at a 10% real rate of return with no project financing.
The real rate of return to capital may have started to decline by the early 1970s; productivity growth certainly has slowed since then.
Using this approach, David Burgess and I concluded in a 2011 Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis paper that public investment should pursue a 7 percent real rate of return (that is, the return after inflation)
The real rate of return is the return the investors try to receive ignoring the inflation and risk to give the money for definite time to others.
The nominal rate of return to the asset minus the price change for the asset in the equation is referred to as the real rate of return to the asset.
It is a real rate of return that matters when the time comes to make the transition from creating a nest egg to distributing our hard-earned savings to replace previous wages.
For example, if investments earned 7%, and inflation is 3%, the real rate of return would be 4%, which is close to historical averages for balanced portfolios.
EATR is calculated by assuming a pre-tax real rate of return of 20%, real interest rate of 5% and inflation rate of 2%.