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RTORegistered Training Organisation (Australia)
RTORegistered Training Organisation (UK)
RTOReady to Operate (various companies)
RTORegional Transmission Organization
RTORetransmission Timeout
RTORecovery Time Objective (disaster recovery)
RTORegional Tax Office (various locations)
RTOReal-Time Optimization
RTORecovery Time Objective
RTOReceiver Timeout
RTOReal Time Object
RTORegenerative Thermal Oxidizer
RTOReverse Take-Over
RTORegional Tourism Organization (various locations)
RTOReturn to Origin (shipping)
RTORegional Transport Office
RTORejected Take-Off
RTORadio/Telephone Operator
RTOResidential Tenancy Office (Canada)
RTORight Turn Only
RTOReno-Tahoe Open (golf event; Nevada)
RTORapid Thermal Oxidation
RTORebuilding Together Oakland (California)
RTORoad Transport Office (India)
RTOReceptive Tour Operator
RTOReally Terrible Orchestra (Scottish amateur orchestra)
RTORemote Turn On (electricity)
RTORetro Toaster Oven (broiler)
RTOResearch & Technology Organization
RTOResponsible Test Organization
RTORemote Translation Office (Jehovah's Witnesses)
RTOReturn to Office (medical)
RTOReady to Order
RTORapid Transit Operations
RTOReturned to Owner (lost or stolen items)
RTOReturn to Operations
RTOReal-Time Output
RTORadio Teletype Operator
RTORailroad Transportation Officer (US Navy)
RTORadio Traffic Only (communication)
RTORegistered Training Authority
RTORegional Transportation Organization
RTORadiation Therapy Oncology
RTORemote Take Over (computing)
RTORecruit Training Officer
RTORegimental Tactical Officer (United States Military Academy)
RTORailway Traffic Officer
RTORange Training Officer
RTORemote Transcoder Operation
RTORun-time object
RTORéception et Transmission d'Ordres (French: Reception and Transmission of Orders)
RTORequest to Order (purchasing)
RTORadio Transmission Operator
RTORail Transportation Officer
RTORequest to Operate
RTORegional Trial Court (Philippines)
RTORequest Time Off
RTORegional Training Office
RTORunners Team Omegna
RTOReturn to Output
RTORoadranger, Twin Countershaft, Overdrive, (heavy truck transmission)
RTOResearch and Training Organization
RTOReconnaissance Tasking Order
RTOReport Time Over ... (location)
RTORegimental Training Officer
RTOReal Time Ownage
RTORelease to Operations (date the project team no longer has primary responsibility)
RTOResidents Technical Office
RTOReturn Timed Out
RTORecruit Training Order (US DoD)
RTOReverse Tool Order (wildland firefighting)
RTORepresentative Task Order (government contracting)
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Real-time output of uncompressed 8K (60P) images can be performed simultaneously with recording (equipped with quad-link 12G-SDI output terminal), making possible live 8K transmissions and replay output after recording.
The high degree of persistence in the total revision series indicates that real-time output gap estimates may lead policy-makers and other economic agents to make persistent mistakes about the business cycles state.
Sensor sampling volume, as a percentage of total exhaust flow, is very small and this, along with the stochastic nature of soot particle deposition on the sensor electrodes, contributes to the real-time output variation.
And the third factor is the real-time output gap, or the deviation of real GDP from potential ([[?
We suggest that the use of real-time output gap measures to analyse the historical behaviour of the monetary authorities--for example in the estimation of Taylor Rules--may result in a seriously misleading representation of the actual policymaking process, especially at times when the economy is subject to large variations in actual output.
515 Real-Time Real-Time Output Output HP Filter Estimates Estimates Estimates (HP) (BP) Average 1.
Third, the Taylor rule estimated using the Greenbook core CPI inflation forecasts and the CBO's estimates of real-time output gap has a lower standard error of estimate and predicts policy actions better than the Taylor rule estimated using actual future inflation and the final, revised data on the output gap.
Students can monitor their real-time output at a kiosk.
However, during the recorded history of the MV filter, the revisions to real-time output gap have been to smaller than had a standard Hodrick-Prescott (HP) filter been used.
The real-time output data rate is 10 MS/s for the AOS-1000 and 1 MS/s for the AOS-1000X4.
The real-time output of the Rotolog is said to enable the molder to identify four critical elements in the cycle: the time at which all powder has melted; the optimum maximum internal temperature inside the mold; when crystallization/solidification has occurred; and the point at which de-molding can begin.
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