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RTVSReal Time Video Streaming
RTVSReal Time Video Sharing
RTVSReal Time Verification System
RTVSReal Time Viewing System
RTVSReal-Time Video Streaming
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Real-time video streaming can be extremely beneficial when it comes to maintenance, as operators need to capture what things look like in order to make decisions on when to schedule proactive maintenance rather than waiting and reacting only when something goes wrong.
Introduction of security, cryptography in particular, could make real-time video streaming even more challenging for already resource stringent ad hoc networks.
The "cook" filmed herself to the delight of nearly 3,000 people, who were watching the food preparation live through Periscope, a real-time video streaming service featured on the cover of our November issue, reported MarketWatch.
PSX applications deliver mission critical data in the form of push-to-talk voice, query responses, mapping, incident details, field reports and real-time video streaming.
The high-speed internet connection will enable AUD MBRSC to offer real-time video streaming for education and training purposes, and meet its other internet-based needs.
It enables real-time video streaming, delivers animation for XGA/WXGA and playback of MPEG 1, 2 and 4.
Along came Macromedia (now part of Adobe) with a proprietary real-time video streaming format, RTMP/T.
The Real-Time Intelligence Console s integrated radio console and video streaming system enable direct voice communications with officers in the field and real-time video streaming to a vehicle or handheld device over existing carrier or private wireless networks.
Artificial Life claimed the current SEMP will be enhanced with new 4G features and modules enabling improved, easier implementations of real-time video streaming, real-time and massive multi-user games and massive social networking mobile applications.
NEXIUM Wireless provides users with high-speed data links, including real-time video streaming between vehicles equipped with cameras and the command-and-control centre thus improving situational awareness and mobility of the security forces.
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