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But, as if suddenly awakening to the reality of the situation, he glanced at her hurriedly, down at his barbaric finery, and threw a searching look towards her escort.
Huila CEO Carlos Barrero reflected on the reality of the situation, saying: "Our gate receipts were PS8 and it costs PS5,300 to rent the place.
Tunis: It is good for us to pledge financial aid in the fight against the Ebola epidemic, but it is even better to come here to discover the reality of the situation on the ground.
The MP explained that his visit to Lebanon came within the frame of his tour on the political and religious leaders to look into the reality of the situation of the Christians in Iraq and figure out ways to alleviate their suffering.
Leading an Interior Ministry delegation, Maj Gen Al Hassan updated the diplomats on the reality of the situation in Bahrain.
Moroccan activists and union militants have informed peers from the world attending the forum of the reality of the situation in the Sahara and the legitimacy of Moroccan claims as well as the dismal situation of Moroccans sequestered in the Tindouf camps in Southwestern Algeria.
The Kuwaiti diplomat stressed that the flags carried by a number of Kuwaiti students during the match had no political connotations, adding that those pictures exchanged within social media sites were totally misunderstood and did not reflect the reality of the situation. (end) mge.gta KUNA 071337 Jan 13NNNN
ANYONE could be forgiven for thinking that all of the previous months there have been so many pro royalist letters in that we, unfortunately, lose sight of the reality of the situation.
Well, for a start, describing her home-based restaurant as "little" is a bit like saying the Burj Khalifa in Dubai is tall - both statements are true, but hardly reflect accurately the reality of the situation.
The Arab Committee concerned with the situation in Syria had decided to form a mission from the Arab League to be sent to Syria to inspect the reality of the situation there and present a report to the Committee, SANA reported.
Most people would regard this fact as an indicator of the true reality of the situation.
The reports appearing in the media have no bearing on the reality of the situation.