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RPSBRear Projection SMART Board (Smart Technologies)
RPSBRegina Public School Board (Canada)
RPSBRedundant Power Supply Base
RPSBRetinal Protonated Schiff-Base
RPSBRainier Pacific Savings Bank (Washington)
RPSBRight Posterior Subdivision Block
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She said the company chose this high school because it's outfitted with numerous SMART products, including 90 Sympodium interactive pen displays, 10 Airliner wireless slates, many front and rear projection SMART Board interactive whiteboards and a SMART Board 600i interactive whiteboard system.
Now, each classroom has a Rear Projection SMART Board 3000i interactive whiteboard, Panasonic spilt-screen TVs, an Elmo 4400AF visual presenter document camera, audio cancellation units, and an innovative feedback system that allows students to indicate their status to other locations.
SMART is introducing DViT technology on two of its products--the Rear Projection SMART Board 3000i and the SMART Board for Plasma Displays interactive whiteboards.
In-Wall Rear Projection SMART Board 2860 includes a 72-inch interactive whiteboard, mirror stand, and projector with a short-throw lens.
com/2000i) has designed its Rear Projection SMART Board 2000i interactive, mobile whiteboard for educators.
The Rear Projection SMART Board 3000i is an interactive whiteboard that enables users to access and control computer applications by pressing on the board's touch-sensitive surface.
Grants can be applied towards the purchase of SMART Board or Rear Projection SMART Board interactive whiteboards, SMART Expression mobile, multimedia cabinets or SynchronEyes classroom instruction and computer-control software.
The set up can consist of a desk or ceiling mounted data projector and computer or can work on a totally integrated system as is the case for rear projection SMART Boards.