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References in classic literature ?
I never had so much reason for living, was my concluding thought; and after that, until I dozed, I contented myself with trying to pierce the darkness to where I knew Maud crouched low in the stern-sheets, watchful of the foaming sea and ready to call me on an instant's notice.
Still, there was one position worse than the present: it was the position he would be in when the ugly secret was disclosed; and the desire that continually triumphed over every other was that of warding off the evil day, when he would have to bear the consequences of his father's violent resentment for the wound inflicted on his family pride--would have, perhaps, to turn his back on that hereditary ease and dignity which, after all, was a sort of reason for living, and would carry with him the certainty that he was banished for ever from the sight and esteem of Nancy Lammeter.
This is my reason for living secret here, with the aid of a good old man who is my true friend.
One of the songs on the CD is You Give Me A Reason for Living, a poem Enyd wrote at Lyn's bedside in the University Hospital of Wales after he was diagnosed with leukaemia.
The novel suggests that the highest moral imperative and the reason for living, when all has been lost, is human sympathy.
The news has horrified Mrs Green, of Skelmanthorpe, who said: "Peter was my life, my soul and my reason for living.
AN 82-year-old pensioner has told how a nursing home gave him a reason for living after a brutal attack in his own home left him penniless.
Les Bleus is his reason for living as a footballer.
Jackson dabbed his eyes with a tissue during a segment in which he says children are his reason for living.
It is a pity that by surrendering to grief and committing what was essentially a selfish, selbsorbed act of despair last week, she will have merely given ammunition t o those wishing to deprive her of what she must regard as her only reason for living.