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In addition, Wilson could purchase firearms at any time in the future simply by "surrendering her registry card, thereby demonstrating to a firearms dealer that there is no reasonable cause to believe she is an unlawful drug user.
If the party against whom the protective injunction is sought is a person OTHER THAN a parent, stepparent, or legal guardian of the minor child, you, as the parent or legal guardian filing the petition, must state why you have reasonable cause to believe that the minor child is a victim of dating violence.
c) the creditor receiving or to be benefited by the transfer, or his agent acting with reference thereto, has, at the time when the transfer is made, reasonable cause to believe that the corporation is insolvent.
In Kentucky, the mandatory reporting statute is codified in the law and requires reporting by all persons who know or have reasonable cause to believe that a child is dependent, neglected, or abused.
Further, Herbert advises, it is "unlawful for any person to sell or otherwise dispose of any firearm or ammunition to any person knowing or having reasonable cause to believe that such person is an unlawful user of or addicted to a controlled substance.
2) Some circuit decisions have analyzed the phrase in question using a subjective test, looking "through the lens of [a] particular defendant" to determine whether he had reasonable cause to believe that a sale of pseudoephedrine would lead to methamphetamine production; (3) others decry such an analysis as "redundant" and instead use "an objective mens rea requirement.
Disclosure will take place if a person has convictions for sexual offences against children, or there is reasonable cause to believe a child is in danger of being seriously harmed.
Under the provisions of section 439, the registrar may strike defunct company off the register, if he has a reasonable cause to believe that the company is not carrying on business or is not in operation.
Requires the USPS to refuse to accept for delivery or transmit through the mails any package that it knows or has reasonable cause to believe contains any cigarettes or smokeless tobacco made nonmailable by this Act," according to www.
The powers are exercised under section 46 of the Children Act 1989, which permits police officers to move children to another location when they have reasonable cause to believe the child could suffer significant harm.
Mackenzie Hall were told not to "pursue debts where it has been notified in writing that there is reasonable cause to believe that the debt is in dispute, or pursue a debt where it has been notified in writing that the debt is statute barred".
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