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RPTRepeat (logging abbreviation)
RPTCrystal Report (Crystal Decisions Crystal Reports file extension)
RPTReal Property Tax
RPTRegal Petroleum PLC (UK; stock symbol)
RPTRegistered Phlebotomy Technician
RPTRegular Part Time
RPTRegistered Physical Therapist
RPTRassemblement du Peuple Togolais (French: Rally of the Togolese People)
RPTRational Performance Tester (IBM)
RPTRelated Party Transaction
RPTReference Point Therapy (personal development)
RPTResource Planning Tool (software)
RPTRupture de Pont Thermique (French: Thermal Break)
RPTReasonable Period of Time
RPTReverse Pyramid Training (weightlifting)
RPTRegistered Piano Technician (Piano Technicians Guild)
RPTRegular Public Transport
RPTRebuild Partition Table
RPTRas Precharge Time
RPTRouteable Protocol
RPTRobotic Production Technology
RPTReport File
RPTRapid Prototyping Technology
RPTReedsport (Amtrak station code; Reedsport, OR)
RPTRapid Phase Transition
RPTRegistered Play Therapist
RPTReappointment, Promotion and Tenure (university committee)
RPTRabbit Pyrogen Test
RPTRapid Penetration Test
RPTRise Per Tooth (metalworking)
RPTRoot Path Tree
RPTRadiant Panel Test
RPTRegistered Professional Teacher
RPTRegional Power Trade
RPTResilient Packet Transport (data communication technology)
RPTReal Photo Technology (Fiji)
RPTRécepteur Prise et Interface Télécommande (French: Receiver and Remote Socket Interface)
RPTRadiation Protection Technician
RPTRun Poker Tour (France)
RPTRelocatable Power Taps
RPTRecirculation Pump Trip
RPTRegistered Professional Technologist
RPTRepeat / I Repeat
RPTReturn Path Transmitter
RPTRaw Processing Time
RPTRevenue Per Transaction
RPTResident Provisioning Team
RPTRegistered Professional Trainer (Canada)
RPTRemedial Physical Training (US military)
RPTReactor Production of Tritium
RPTRefractory Period of Transmission
RPTResource Protection Team
RPTRequirements Planning Tool
RPTRequirements Planning Team
RPTRealty Photo Tours (Canada)
RPTRecirculation Point Tracking
RPTRepair Parts Transporter
RPTResponse Posture Tailored
RPTRemote Pressure Transmitter (Siemens AG)
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It also suggests making supreme audit institution audit reports publicly available within a reasonable period of time, and ensuring criteria and procedures used to award natural resource extraction contracts and licenses are consistent with requirements set by law as well as making basic information on all natural resource extraction awards publicly available.
According to GCM 38786, if the taxpayer cannot submit the supporting statements with the refund claim, it "should be allowed a reasonable period of time in which to furnish the necessary evidence." Also, "[i]f the information is not furnished within a reasonable period of time and if the Service does not obtain such information on its own, the claim may be disallowed." Nevertheless, there have been instances in which the IRS has formally disallowed protective refund claims when the taxpayer specifically described the grounds on which it believed it was entitled to a refund (e.g., entitled to a larger Sec.
We also suggested that employers be permitted to make the requisite tax deposits within a reasonable period of time following the settlement date.
The Patriot Act requires only that an explanation be given within "a reasonable period of time" after agents conduct a search.
However, for the reimbursement to be excluded from income, it must be made under an accountable plan, that is, an arrangement that requires a business purpose for all reimbursements, substantiation within a reasonable period of time and reimbursement of any payments in excess of substantiated business expenses to the employer within a reasonable period of time.
Bottom line, the device needs to be of sufficient size and speed to allow a full system backup in a reasonable period of time. Choices for users have expanded over the years from single tape QIC, 4MM and 8MM drives, to DAT5, AIT, Super DLT and LTO2 drives, in single unit or autoloader configurations, that offer mind boggling capacities and speeds when compared to what was available even five years ago.
Worse, the arena's most recent audit, by Deloitte & Touche, warned that "certain factors exist that may indicate that [the Panthers] will be unable to continue as a going concern for a reasonable period of time" Broward could soon find itself owning, and servicing the debt on, an empty hockey arena.
Problems included sub-standard goods, lack of cancellation rights, goods not as described and failure to provide refunds within a reasonable period of time.
Dean says the Detroit trade mission is part of Buckstone's and Vested Interest's phased strategy to expand its 360 cross-Canada distributors and demonstrate a capability to deliver anywhere in North America within a reasonable period of time.
A financial institution's program is also required, among other things, to contain procedures to verify the identity of customers within a reasonable period of time. Many financial institutions may rely on examining standard identification such as a driver's license or passport.
Department of Justice issues interim regulation allowing detention without charge for 48 hours (or an additional "reasonable period of time") in the event of emergency.
Citation: United States - Anti-dumping measures on certain hot-rolled steel products from Japan: Request for modification of reasonable period of time (WT/DS184).
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