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RPPRadio Programas del Perú
RPPRelaciones Públicas (Spanish: Public Relations)
RPPRada Polityki Pienieznej (Polish: Monetary Policy Council)
RPPRassemblement Populaire pour le Progrès (French: People's Rally for Progress; political party; Djibouti)
RPPRaw Portable Pixel
RPPReport on Plans and Priorities
RPPRegistered Pension Plan
RPPReligion Past and Present (encyclopedia)
RPPReassignment Preference Program (US IRS)
RPPRate Pressure Product
RPPRegulated Price Plan (Ontario Energy Board)
RPPRental Partnership Program (military housing)
RPPReflecting on Peace Practice
RPPRespiratory Pathogen Panel
RPPRespiratory Protection Program
RPPResidential Permit Parking
RPPRadiation Protection Program
RPPRemote Power Panel (electrical power distribution panel)
RPPRegistered Polarity Practitioner (elemental reflexology)
RPPRancangan Peraturan Pemerintah (Indonesian: government draft regulation)
RPPRencontre de Physique des Particules (French: Particle Physics Conference)
RPPRastriya Prajantra Party (Nepal)
RPPRadon Proficiency Program
RPPResidential Parking Program
RPPRegistered Professional Planner (Canada)
RPPRegional Partnership Programme (various locations)
RPPRiver Protection Project
RPPRecreational Pilot Permit
RPPResearch Protection Program (various schools)
RPPRetirement Protection Plus
RPPRefined Petroleum Products
RPPReasonably Prudent Person
RPPReverse Pension Plan
RPPRich People's Problems
RPPRepublican Peoples' Party (Turkey)
RPPRape, Pillage and Plunder
RPPReliability Program Plan
RPPRandom Phase Plate
RPPReturn Preparer Program (IRS)
RPPRadiological Pilot Project (US FEMA)
RPPReliability Prediction Procedure
RPPRegional Priority Program
RPPReference Power Plant
RPPRapid Photothermal Processing
RPPRegional Priority Plan
RPPRating of Perceived Pain
RPPRisley Prism Pair
RPPRetrograde Processing Point
RPPReverse-Pair Positioning
RPPRetail Price Protection
RPPRetail and Provider Perspectives
RPPRAM Program Plan
RPPRemote Presentation Protocol
RPPRetail Plastics Plus (UK)
RPPReliability-Prediction Prioritization
RPPRadio Packet Processor
RPPRequisition Processing Point
RPPRegistered Payroll Professional
RPPReverse Plane Partition (enumerative combinatorics)
RPPResuming Play Procedure (basketball; protocol for handling free throws and throw-ins)
RPPRamified Poisson Process
RPPRandomized Power-Control Policy
RPPRural Provider Project
RPPRassemblement pour le Progrès Populaire (Djibouti, People's Progress Assembly)
RPPResources Protection Plan/Posture
RPPRegulation and Planning Policy
RPPReverse Parallel Park
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A reasonably prudent person would have taken Ezekiel to a doctor.
For many years, courts decided how a reasonably prudent person would act by looking at how other people in the same position act in similar circumstances.
The court considered what would have been apparent to a reasonably prudent person at the time the defendant required the plaintiff to run a mile.
I submit that any reasonably prudent person recognizes that a simple Facebook friendship, without more, is indicative of nothing other than at some point in time, two people were introduced to one another.
The prudent man rule, (based on common law) generally instructs that a prudent person is one who exercises the degree of skill, care and diligence that a reasonably prudent person would exercise under the same or similar circumstances.
Further, the court stated that there is no common-law duty to institute specific procedures for hiring employees unless the employer knows of facts that would lead a reasonably prudent person to investigate the employee.
The Connecticut State Elections Enforcement Commission has ruled the ban on lobbyists giving and soliciting funds applies when an expressed request for a contribution is made, or when a request is made that a reasonably prudent person would not construe as anything else.
Negligence is a tort that deals with harmful conduct not ordinarily expected of a reasonably prudent person.
The duty of care requires directors to be informed and exercise their duties with the care that a reasonably prudent person would exercise under similar circumstances.
For instance, was proper lookout maintained, and would such have allowed a reasonably prudent person to have observed and avoided the alleged defect?
As such, science educators must act as a reasonably prudent person would in providing and maintaining a safe learning environment for their students.
It is a failure to use that degree of care that a reasonably prudent person would have used under the same circumstances.