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'That is why we went through this exercise of recalibration. But that recalibration is not completed yet.
To test the hypothesis that after recalibration a common RI could be used by all manufacturers, we first investigated whether the probabilities that the 2.5 and 97.5 percentiles (further also referred to as lower and upper limits, respectively), estimated from the data sets of the immunoassays, were located within the 90% CI from the RMP data percentiles (further referred to as reference percentiles) and were reasonably large (>90%).
Without sleep and the recalibration that goes on during sleep, memories are in danger of being lost."
While sensory experience is undoubtedly an important element that influences perceptual plasticity, feedback signals that inform an individual regarding the accuracy of their perceptual judgments are likely to interact with sensory experience to influence temporal recalibration of the TBW and PSS.
Global Banking News-November 15, 2016--Indian central bank sets up panel to oversee ATM recalibrations
Specific recalibration intervals depend on a number of factors, but given the frequency, organizations are looking for simplicity of device recalibration (in-situ), along with electronic storage of certificates that can be recalled during inspections, and easy notification of next recalibration events.
Summary: Moody's Investors Service has repositioned the national scale ratings (NSRs) of four tranches in two Tunisian structured finance transactions in conjunction with the recalibration of the Tunisian national rating scale.
As all three Lebanese issuers with NSRs are currently rated B2 on the global scale, and B2 corresponds to the same NSRs under the recalibrated map as it did previously, no Lebanese NSRs are being affected by the recalibration (Bank Audi S.A.L.
These features make FMI pumps ideal for OEM sterilization equipment as they provide maintenance-free operation for millions of cycles, at a precision of 0.5% or better without the need for recalibration. Vaporized hydrogen peroxide is a low temperature sterilization method used to decontaminate everything from components and instruments to entire laboratories, cleanrooms, and hospital operating rooms.
Some vehicles require costly ($150 and up) dealership-only recalibration with a factory scan tool.
Mark Massey said: "Ian's retirement heralds a time of change and recalibration for the firm as it emerges from the recession, returning to growth, and once again increases its staffing levels.
The TFA resists erosion and needs little recalibration, due to its stainless steel target area with a large, smooth surface plated in hard chromium.