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The software includes a file transfer feature that lets you send and receive files and a launch utility to start software on all student PCs simultaneously.
This same hookup can be used to send and receive files, so the latest program changes can be sent out over the telephone.
Fifty-two percent use modems to send or receive files electronically (chart 4).
The successful tenderer will be expected to provide real time authorisation of card transactions, receive files of card payments collected and provide settlement direct to the Council~s nominated bank accounts.
1 also lets user share and receive files of any size at anytime along with easier navigation through a list of favourite friends.
Binfer also makes it extremely easy to receive files from clients/customers.
The Accellion Secure File Transfer solution enables organisations to securely send and receive files and folders.
Chemical Abstracts Service (GAS) and Academic Press have announced that they have signed an agreement in which GAS will receive files containing bibliographic and abstract source material from the Academic Press journals in electronic form.
an easy, fast, secure way to send and receive files.