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RVRecreational Vehicle
RVRiver Valley (Singapore)
RVReview (medical)
RVRuntime Verification
RVResearch Vessel
RVRoyal Vegas
RVRight Ventricular
RVRelief Valve
RVRevert (Wikimedia Foundation)
RVRendezvous (military)
RVRendezvous (logging abbreviation)
RVReceived Votes (sports ranking)
RVRight Ventricle
RVRigveda (Indian sacred collection)
RVRental Vehicle
RVRandom Variable
RVRetroverted (uterus)
RVResidual Volume (lung)
RVResponse Vehicle
RVRotavirus Vaccine
RVRecirculation Valve
RVRevised Version (of the Bible; published in 1881-1885)
RVRappaport-Vassiliadis (salmonella enrichment broth)
RVRemote View
RVRød Valgallianse
RVRéalité Virtuelle (French: Virtual Reality)
RVRated Voltage
RVRateable Value (business premises terminology)
RVRabies Virus
RVRelease Valve
RVReference Voltage
RVReactor Vessel
RVReconnaissance Vehicle
RVRelatieve Vochtigheid (Dutch: Relative Humidity)
RVRescue Vessel
RVRalston Valley (Colorado)
RVRadar View
RVResident Visitor
RVRyom Verzeichnis (Works of Vivaldi list by Peter Ryom)
RVRifle Volunteers (British Army)
RVRhino Virus
RVReceipt Voucher
RVReceive Variable
RVRunway Visibility
RVRadar Vector
RVRetrieval Vessel (US NASA)
RVRuins Vacation
RVRegulatory Verification (various locations)
RVRuneVillage (RuneScape gaming discussion forum)
RVRoutine Verification
RVRoss Volunteers (Texas A&M University Corps of Cadets)
RVRing Voice
RVRecombination Velocity
RVRadius of Vulnerability
RVReentry/Remote Vehicle
RVUS Revenue Motor Vehicle Use (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
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The swaps provide that the entity will receive variable payments from a counterparty to offset the variable payments being made on the debt instrument, and make fixed payments to the counterparty essentially converting the variable rate liability to one with a fixed rate.
Employees with base salaries equal to or above the competitive external market are only eligible to receive variable pay awards until their base salaries fall below the competitive market.
In sum, all three concepts apply under the BIC exemption if you receive variable compensation.
It is not the intent of the State to receive variable services per State Agency under multiple Contractor programs, unless such services are provided under State accepted balance of product line which results in reduced costs of services.
Although many more employees receive variable compensation on a regular basis than ever before, few employees have the necessary income-protection coverage to protect that valuable asset.
Imposing fiduciary status on the group left uncovered by the exclusions means those advisers will violate the prohibited transaction rules of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) if they receive variable compensation, such as commissions, whose amount may increase or decrease depending on the selected investment.
Therefore, advisers that receive variable compensation generally are prohibited from offering such advice.