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The average received signal powers from small cell S and small cell C, [P.sub.r,S] and [P.sub.r,C], can be expressed by
From Equation (1) the received signal power is predicted optimally, at time T for the time T + [tau] by:
BER increased as the received signal power decreased and the noise power increased.
TxBF increases the average received signal power by the client, improves range of a wifi system, and indirectly improve throughput.
distance decreases the received signal power by a factor of four.
Figure 1 provides the theoretical, experimental and analytical results of the received signal power over different distances between the transmitter and receiver.
C/T is the ratio of the received signal power to the thermal noise temperature in the environment in which that carrier power is measured.
HAND-HELD OPTICAL TEST DEVICE calculates signal attenuation or displays actual received signal power. The FIBERtest compact fiber-optic tester is a precision-calibrated, optical-verifier tool.
However, they are considered separately because they contribute to the received signal power at virtually all terrestrial receiving locations.
Here, [P.sub.rec] is the received signal power at the receiving antenna, [N.sub.F] is the noise figure and [N.sub.1] is the thermal noise floor.
In cases where the PD estimator has no high peaks in the results or there are two or more low peaks or the received signal power level is low, the MUSIC algorithm has difficulties in estimating the DoA.
According to this model, both theoretical and measurement-based propagation models indicate that the average received signal power decreases logarithmically with the distance [12].
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