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RGSRoyal Geographical Society
RGSRio Grande do Sul (Brazilian State)
RGSRio Grande Southern (railroad)
RGSRoyal Grammar School (UK)
RGSRoyal Grammar School (England)
RGSResearch and Graduate Studies (various schools)
RGSRemote Graphics Software (high-performance remote desktop connection protocol)
RGSRegulators of G Protein Signaling
RGSRockhampton Grammar School (Australia)
RGSReflection Grating Spectrometer
RGSRaffles Girls' School (Singapore)
RGSRemote Gaming Server (various companies)
RGSRéférentiel Général de Sécurité (French: General Repository Security)
RGSRegional Geochemical Survey (Canada)
RGSReligious of the Good Shepherd (religious order)
RGSRemote Guardian System (defensive system)
RGSRieger Syndrome
RGSRigid Galvanized Steel
RGSRandom Good Stuff
RGSRemote Ground Station
RGSRequirements Generation System
RGSRoyal Gay Society (UK)
RGSRegional Gliding School
RGSRegister Guidance System (QuadTech)
RGSRed Green Show (TV comedy)
RGSRelay Ground Stations
RGSRemote Ground Sensor
RGSRange Gate Stealer
RGSReceiving Ground Station
RGSReport Generating Software (IRS)
RGSRate Gyro System
RGSRetained Gas Sampler
RGSRange Gate Stealing
RGSRussian Ground Segment
RGSReading Group Specialist code
RGSResource Generation System
RGSRéseau Genre et Sexualité (French: Gender and Sexuality Network)
RGSRestructured General Support
RGSRugeley Grammar School (UK)
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sep_req_ARNS-BS], between LTE base station and the ARNS RSBN receiving ground station is about 132 km at 10 m receiving antenna height, i.
This study assumes that coexistence between mobile and broadcasting service might be unlikely in a co-channel situation due to large required separation distances between stations of the services therefore the combination of both services interfering with ARNS receiving ground stations at the same time can therefore be disregarded [3].