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RORemoval of (medical)
RORun on (proofreading)
ROReverse Osmosis
RORight On
RORide-On (Montgomery County, Maryland transit provider)
RORagnarok Online (computer game)
RORoyal Oak (Michigan City, MI, USA)
RORead Only
RORegional Office
RORule Out
RORollover (financial)
RORovigo (Italy)
ROReorder (proofreading)
RORondônia (Brazilian state)
RORestraining Order
ROReliability of Operations
ROReverse Order
RORemains Open
RORadio Operator
RORed Orchestra (computer game)
RORegistered Owner
ROReserve Officer
RORecord Only
RORevenue Officer
ROResponsible Officer
ROResearch Only
ROResearch Objective
RORough Opening (construction)
RORoom Only (hotel)
RORock Opera
RORenewables Obligation (UK)
RORepair Order
RORuimtelijke Ordening (Dutch: spatial development)
RORisk Officer
RORussian Orthodox
RORadiation Oncologist
RORobust Optimization
RORequired One-Time
RORanking Officer
ROReceptor Occupancy (pharmacology)
RORoutine Order (Canadian Military)
ROReporting Officer
RORetired Officer (UK)
RORemote Operations
RORescue Officer
RORemote Office
ROTarom Romanian Air Transport (IATA airline code)
RORecherche Opérationnelle (French: Operations Research)
RORadar Operator
RORecognized Organization (various countries)
RORegistration Officer
ROReceive Only
RORequest Order
ROReactor Operator
RORequested Off (work schedule)
RORoyal Observatory
RORegnum Online (video game)
RORevenue Outturn (UK)
RORestriction Orifice (device used to drop pressure in a pipe)
ROResident Office
ROReviewing Official
RORequirements Officer
ROResidence Order
RORaphe Obscurus
RORange Only (sonobuoy, AN/SSQ-47)
RORoute Order
RORégime Obligatoire (French: Required Plan; health care)
RORelay Operator
RORate Offset
RORight Outboard
RORequirements Objective
RORequisitioning Objective
RORadiological Officer
RORegional Operation (various organizations)
RORotate Out (Hyper Logo Turtle Graphics command)
RORedistribution Order
RORutas Orientales (Spanish: Eastern Routes)
RORouting Office (US Navy)
RORegrets Only (invitation response)
RORéponse Objective (French)
RORegistered Optician
ROReportable Occurrence
ROResistive Open
RORouting Organisation
ROReport Orderly
ROUS Revenue Private Die Proprietary (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
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CRB-4001 was specifically designed to eliminate blood-brain barrier penetration and brain CB1 receptor occupancy that mediate the neuropsychiatric issues associated with first-generation CB1 inverse agonists such as rimonabant.
The company said the collaboration represents an "immediate revenue opportunity" as a diagnostic test for receptor occupancy and the existence of CCR5 on cancer tissue and in HIV.
First-in-human dosing calculations are instead likely to be based on the pharmacologically active dose derived from extensive non-clinical investigations, including the relative potency between human and non-clinical species, receptor occupancy studies, and extensive PK modeling to inform clinical dosing and dose escalation.
The mechanisms that account for this difference are: (1) greater D2 receptor affinity of risperidone as compared to olanzapine10 and (2) a higher pituitary versus striatal D2 receptor occupancy for risperidone as compared to olanzapine11.
5-HT2 and D2 dopamine receptor occupancy in the living human brain.
In preclinical studies, PN-10943 has demonstrated superior properties to PTG-100 as measured by in vitro potency, target engagement based on in vivo pharmacodynamic, or PD, readouts of blood receptor occupancy and effects on T cell trafficking, and efficacy in disease models of colitis.
Most clinicians do not think about receptor occupancy when they prescribe a medication.
The observation that doses of muscle relaxant that moderately decreased grip strength indicating greater than 70% receptor occupancy caused no unpleasant symptoms in conscious volunteers, and
For example, the receptor occupancy half-life for [D.sub.2] receptors was estimated at 10 hours, and the 5-[HT.sub.2] effective occupancy half-life has been estimated at 27-64 hours [9, 19].
The clinical effects of many antipsychotic drugs are reflected by a dopamine D2 receptor occupancy of 60-70% [49, 50].
SUBLOCADE delivers sustained plasma levels of buprenorphine that translate into high mu-opioid receptor occupancy in the brain, which blocks the drug-liking effects of opioids.
Dose dependency of brain histamine H(1) receptor occupancy following oral administration of cetirizineirizine hydrochloride measured using PET with [11C] doxepin.
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