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RLRadio Liberty
RLRalph Lauren
RLRials (currency of the Islamic Republic of Iran)
RLRugby League
RLReal Life (as opposed to the Internet)
RLReinforcement Learning
RLResponsabilidad Limitada (Guatemala)
RLResearch Lab
RLReduced Level (surveying, construction)
RLReturn Loss
RLRoot Length
RLRed Line (Hot Wheels cars)
RLResearch Library (Microsoft)
RLRocket Launcher
RLReporting Limit
RLRemus Lupin (character from Harry Potter)
RLRaid Leader (online role playing)
RLRinger's Lactate
RLRomance Language
RLRewriting Logic
RLRed Lobster (seafood restaurant)
RLRear Left (automotive)
RLReverse Logistics
RLRichland Operations Office (Department of Energy)
RLRunway Light
RLRight Limit
RLReturn Link(s)
RLRaman Lidar (laser remote sensing instrument)
RLRetention Level
RLRemote Loopback
RLRegister Load
RLLoan Repayment
RLRelease Line
RLRental Policy (insurance)
RLReinstatement Letter (insurance)
RLRequirement List
RLRecord Length
RLRemoved Layer
RLRead List (Hyper Logo Turtle graphics command)
RLReport Leaving
RLRandom Length (flooring)
RLRegistered Locksmith
RLRéseau Local (French: Local Area Network)
RLRed Low
RLReservation Level
RLReinforcement Length
RLRed Lantern (restaurant)
RLRadio Libertaire (French radio station)
RLRouter Links (OSPF)
RLRebel Legion (Star Wars costuming group)
RLRome Laboratories
RLRoue Libre (French: Freewheel)
RLReadiness Level
RLRoof Level
RLResidual Life
RLReceive Location
RLReinvention Laboratory
RLReckless Life (Guns N' Roses song)
RLRainfed Lowland
RLRepublique Libanaise
RLRetry Later
RLRéflexion Lumineuse (French: Light Reflection)
RLRecovery Language
RLRené Loyon (French theater director)
RLRevenue Ledger
RLRestoral Limit
RLRegistered Landman (American Association of Professional Landmen)
RLRune Legion (RuneScape website)
RLRotary Lodge
RLRelocation Library
RLRichland Area Office (DOE)
RLUS Revenue Customs Fee (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
RLRegular-Leaved (tomato plants)
References in classic literature ?
This woman with her reckless life, her odd fascination, her brusque hatred of affectations, was a constant torment to him.
The buccaneer on the wave might relinquish his calling and become at once if he chose, a man of probity and piety on land; nor, even in the full career of his reckless life, was he regarded as a personage with whom it was disreputable to traffic or casually associate.
Such were the sort of scrapes they were always getting into; and so, partly by their own faults, partly from circumstances, partly from the faults of others, they found themselves outlaws, ticket-of-leave men, or what you will in that line--in short, dangerous parties--and lived the sort of hand-to-mouth, wild, reckless life which such parties generally have to put up with.
Because of what I believed, I lived a very reckless life.
An adaptation of Strayed's bestselling 2012 memoir of her 1,100-mile solo hike on the Pacific Crest Trail, the film interweaves her struggles in the wilderness with her recollections of the painful and often reckless life she's leaving behind.
They then use his son, who leads a reckless life, to blackmail the judge.
Jacobs' book about Obama's father, 'The Other Barack: The Bold and Reckless Life of President Obama's Father', is all set to be published next week.
AASHAYEIN (12A) Verdict: DIRECTOR: Nagesh Kukunoor STARRING: John Abraham , Shreyas Talpade THE PLOT: Living a reckless life, Rahul (John) is a gambler and chain smoker.
Wright doesn't want back the reckless life he was living before the crash, but he'd give anything for Mr.
This now famous, or should it be infamous, artist led an amazing , controversial and reckless life until claimed by cancer in 1989.
Although as a young rocker he lived a wild and reckless life, Tyler was never in doubt that Aerosmith - the biggest-selling rock band ever to come out of America, with 140 million album sales and counting - were in for the long haul.