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RERRegione Emilia-Romagna
RERRental Equipment Register
RERRéseau Express Régional (French commuter rail in Paris)
RERRough Endoplasmic Reticulum
RERRespiratory Exchange Ratio
RERRadio Edge Router
RERRead Error
RERRenewable Energy Resource
RERReal Exchange Rate
RERReview of Educational Research
RERReplication Error
RERRadiological Emergency Response (various locations)
RERRegional Express Network
RERRecurrent Exertional Rhabdomyolysis
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RERReading to End Racism (various locations)
RERRelative Energy Ratio
RERRégimen Especial de Renta (Spanish: Special Income Scheme; taxes)
RERRadio Est Réunion (French radio station)
RERRespiratory Exchange Rate
RERRemediation Effectiveness Report
RERResearch Expenditure Report
RERRubberized Equipment Repair
RERResting Energing Requirement
RERResource Efficiency Ratio
RERReceiver-Exciter Ranging
RERRepair Effectiveness Rating
RERRemote Read-Out
RERRadio Expenditure Report
RERReactor Event Report
RERRadiation Effect Reactor
RERReusable - Expendable - Reusable
RERRedeye Reduction (camera technology)
RERRegional Expected Results (World Health Organization)
RERRecord of Environmental Review (US FEMA)
RERRecognition Error Rate (speech synthesis design value)
RERResting Energy Rate
RERResource Evaluation Report
RERRadar Echo Return
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Compared to the previous version, the Internal NIST IREX IX report shows a two-fold decrease in the recognition error rate on their datasets.
Together with a new, robust voice activity detector it decreases the recognition error rate nearly two times compared with the previous version.
In the comparison method we have to compare the existing recognition error rate with our proposed approach and then finding the recognition accuracy rate for this is tell to that our method is give the best accuracy rate compare with other existing methods (for example: PCA, LDA)
This finding suggests that the use of N-grams can also contribute to reducing the recognition error rate.
Time required for document dictation and revision and speech recognition error rate in relation to the type of document and the type dictation and of vocabulary revision and speech recognition error rate in relation to database With standardized plus With Without standardized medical medical vocabulary vocabulary Operation reports Dictation time (sec) 450 375 Revision time (sec) 3,360 840 Total (sec) 3,810 1,215 Error rate (%) ([dagger]) 38.
Recognition error rate 0 is error of the first kind when algorithm says that it was segment class A, but it was segment class E (Fig.
In fact, it's not unusual to achieve reductions of 50% or more in speech recognition error rates.
Thus, studies on recognizing characters through extracting them from natural scene images and reducing recognition error rates have been variously conducted.
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