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RCLGResponsible Care Leadership Group (International Council of Chemical Associations)
RCLGRecoilless Gun
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These were carried out at the Suffield test range in Alberta and included testing against RPGs, both with unitary and tandem warheads, recoilless guns and antitank missiles; the Trophy was challenged with consecutive shots, multiple shots, shots at short distance, with clutter and at different angles.
Nasir Ahmed Khan, died in this battle when his tank was destroyed by a recoilless gun.
According to Byong's testimony, North Korea has built a patrol post in the area to monitor South Korea's facilities for soldiers and has installed heavy firearms in the area, including a machine gun, a cannon and a recoilless gun. The cease-fire agreement only allows soldiers in the area to carry small arms such as pistols and rifles.
The enemy was moving extraordinarily well and with great dash, supported by a light mortar and a captured American recoilless gun, which they were using over open sights.
Although described as armoured infantry fighting vehicles, extended wheelbase variants of the Ram can carry up to nine fully equipped troops and may be observed liberally festooned with machine guns or even a 106 mm recoilless gun. Various forms of air defence or anti-tank missile Rams are known to have been produced.