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RCLRRecoilless Rifle
RCLRRutgers Center for Lipid Research (New Brunswick, NJ)
RCLRReceive Count Limit Register (computing)
RCLRRight Cardiac Lobe Resection (cardiothoraic surgery)
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He retrieved a critical situation during the course of the attack and willingly laid down his life in the process before knocking out one enemy (T-55) tank and Recoilless Rifles with his old Sherman tank.
Caption: Scab's M4 Carl Gustav recoilless rifle has been optimised for use in urban areas.
One anti-tank recoilless rifle, three machine guns, 100 assault rifles, thousands of rounds of ammunition and a complete Signal Centre of the miscreants were also captured.
Eventually, they began blowing holes through walls with a recoilless rifle, and casualties became much lighter.
The book also includes such interesting historical items as the Davy Crockett M28/M29, developed as a 0.25 KT warhead on a recoilless rifle used at the battalion level against Soviet armored forces (pp.
Reportedly, this contract is a follow on agreement to a previous five year contract for the 84mm recoilless rifle system.
After the attack failed, the 10 Guards was ordered to fire at a Carl Gustav 84 mm recoilless rifle at the Akal Takht dome but it had no impact on the structure.
From a nearby vacant building, insurgents attacked the embassy compound with rocket-propelled grenades, a recoilless rifle and small arm fire.
of homemade explosives, one 155 mm rocket, 29 mortar rounds, 18 recoilless rifle rounds, two rocket-propelled grenades and 345 heavy-machine gun rounds.
In a further sweep, they hit the jackpot when they discovered the 82mm recoilless rifle and ammunition that had been used against the British base in southern Afghanistan.
The randomness of the government fighter's fire was underlined on Friday at a battery made up of odds and ends of improvised rocket systems, a recoilless rifle, anti-aircraft guns and an armoured carrier parked on a rise a few hundred metres from the pocket's southern edge.
Tactical as well as strategic applications of nuclear power are considered, such as the Davy Crockett recoilless rifle, designed to give battalion commanders a nuclear battlefield punch.