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Even though the NIOSH lifting equation suggests a much lower recommended weight limit for this job (, this relatively small change made a big difference in workers' self-reported pain and discomfort, and the intervention was broadly adopted throughout the industry.
Please note that the recommended weight limit for the reclining chair is 120 kg.
However, judging by the concerns raised by parents, a vast majority of pupils in UAE schools carry well over the recommended weight limit of ten per cent of their body weight.
Analysis of the flight recorders apparently shows that the aircraft weighed 155,000 pounds when flying at altitude, which is over the manufacturer's recommended weight limit of 149,000 pounds.
At first, police speculated that the equipment had brought the plane's load over the recommended weight limit, though video director Hype Williams denies that was the case.
But research shows that pregnant women continue to struggle to stay within recommended weight limits. In 2009, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommended that healthy weight women with singleton pregnancies gain 25-35 pounds, while overweight women should gain 15-25 pounds.