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The prosecution agreed to the recomputation of the penalties.
Similarly, 3 bytes but not one byte are active in the decryption of 22nd round in backward direction for Piccolo-128 of recomputation and they are shown in Figure 13 of [15].
The aggressive algorithm spends less average execution time at the lower out-of-order event percentage compared with the conservative method, but when there is an increase in the out-of-order events percentage and when it reaches a certain threshold (e.g., 40% in this experiment), it starts to require more average execution time than the conservative strategy because of its extra recomputation operations for compensation tuples.
shall be limited to the amount of any deficiency resulting under this code from recomputation of the taxpayer's income for the taxable year after giving effect only to the item or items reflected in the adjustment." In this example, the federal audit adjustment related to interest received from a U.S.
Upon the occurrence of sudden changes in the geography of the area, the recomputation of the pattern may be triggered.
Since [L.sup.-] is closely related to the variable A, the second part and the third part of 17) need recomputation each iteration.
In order to avoid frequent recomputation of the local ignition delay time, a table of [t.sub.ign] as a function of T, p, and [f.sub.H] is generated using Cantera [56] and the O Conaire mechanism [57].
Backward Recomputation. In this step, we explain how to recompute difference between [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
With the IPCC recomputation, Australia's GHG profile will go up by 22 million tonnes year, which mainly comes from the upward revision of the impact of methane by about 20 per cent.
Lee, Pitfalls of the New Massachusetts Alimony Law: Recomputation and Alimony Fixed as Child Support, Mass.
Still, the recomputation of the centroid is not so costly as in the case of k-means algorithm due to the filling factor parameter.